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Colorado Springs / D20 / Low Magic / Pathfinder Campaign!

I have set up this page as a central location for the House Rulz & Campaign story line which are present in my Low Magic / Mid-Level Campaign. This project pulls heavily from d20 variant material for both magic and combat. The down side is it means the players will have to learn some new things that will feel very unfamiliar for the campaign. The upside however is you can be certain it will not be like any other game you have ever played. I’ll caveat that by stating that I’ve been a DM for the last 30 years and the last game ran for nearly a decade!

Please refer to the wiki link on the left. Beware this document is large and I suggest allowing a solid day or two to review the material.

Typical games will be on a Saturday at my home in Fountain, CO and start around noon and run until 7 – 8 pm depending on how the game is going. We usually take a brief break for dinner and ask everyone be prepared to chip in a few dollars towards drinks, pizza, ingredients, etc. We ask no phone calls or tablet / web surfing be done at the game table. Smoking should be done outside (please collect your butts for disposal), and there are no pets in the home so pet allergies should not be an issue.

While we love children, we must respectfully insist you provide for your own babysitter as needed. There have unfortunately been bad experiences with this in the past so now there is a rule on it.

Lazlo COS Pathfinder - Low Magic

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