Welcome to the LCM Ruleset

a D20 Low Magic Variant for Pathfinder

I have set up this page as a central location for the LCM Ruleset & Campaign story line which are present in my home game. This project pulls heavily from d20 variant material for both magic and combat. This means the players will have to learn some new things that may feel very unfamiliar at first.

Benchmarks for the campaign setting include:
Lord of the Rings – by JRR Tolkein
Witcher I – III Video Games
Game of Thrones (HBO) / Song of Ice & Fire (George Martin)
Grim-N-Gritty 4.0 by Ken S. Hood

Things which should be expected of the campaign:

  • Magic items are extremely rare
  • Spell casters make up less than 2% of the population of the world (fully 1/2 of which are Alchemists). Roughly 85% of all casters are only able to cast 3rd level spells or lower.
  • Character Level hard cap is 13th level (level 10 for NPCs)
  • Spell levels are capped at 6th level (5th level for NPCs)
  • Curative magic isn’t as good
  • There are no spells which raise the dead
  • Teleportation magic is rare and severely limited in scope.
  • Many spells have been rewritten or eliminated to better fit the campaign setting
  • Racial and Class restrictions are in place (see the character creation section for more on this)
  • Combat is FAR more dangerous.
  • Encounters have been scaled to account for these changes
  • All changes effect both PC & NPC alike

This document is large and I suggest allowing a solid day or two to review the material before trying to sit down and run through an LCM game for the first time.

Lazlo COS Pathfinder - Low Magic

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