Halfling - Adopted Daughter of Col. Raemon & his wife Kaitlyn. - Ranger of Lastwall operative


Ranger 4 / Rogue 2
Alignment: CN
Former Stripper / Prostitute
Adopted daughter of Raemon & Kaitlyn
Recruited in the Rangers of Lastwall as a way of turning her life around.
Baila has been studying assassination with Oan Lyak for the past 6mo or so and has impressed her with her skills at stealth and assassination.

Baila is not the overly patriotic type and frankly would likely leave Lastwall, or even work against it under the right circumstances. She is young and has not truly found anything that she values more than her next adventure, or her next lover. These factors have resulted in her not being assigned to more important operations within the rangers, a fact which is not lost on her and frankly she mildly resents.

Baila has approached Esmeralda on several occasions about working for her as a prostitute, but Esmeralda has always refused her. Esmeralda has claimed this is because “I hire ladies, not whores.” While this statement is actually true, the other reason she has refused Baila is because she does not want too close of an association should Baila ever get caught working an assassination mission for her alter-ego Oan Lyak.

Baila has no idea that Esmeralda (her would-be Madam employer) and Oan Lyak (her Assassin Sensei) are the same person. Raemon / Kaitlyn have no idea that she is studying assassination from Oan. This fact would not only be very upsetting to them, but in fact they are currently unaware of Oan’s presence in Lastwall.



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