Castle Firrine Sergeant at Arms


Cleric: Crusader 4/ Fighter: Drill Sergeant 3 Human
Align: LG
+ 2 Full Plate decorated with the Holy symbol of Iomedae (additional + 2 AC / DR vs Undead)
+ 2 / + 2 Holy Long Sword – Blessed by Lady Elandra (Bane vs Undead)


Barconius is a Battle Cleric of Iomedae who serves as the Sergeant at Arms of Castle Firrine. In this role he is both the castle Stewart & drill sergeant responsible for training of the castle’s garrison of soldiers.

Barconius is the officer who remains at the Castle, and leads the troops in the defense of such, when the Council Members are in the field. This suits him just fine as Castle Firrine would surely have fallen to Orc hands by now if not for his vigilance at defending it.

While he and Dorryn get along well enough, their personal philosophies and general approach to the war at the front are too different to really allow for a closer friendship.

Barconius is frequently seen in the Castle’s courtyard training with both young and old soldiers on their weapon skills and physical conditioning exercises. He is an excellent leader of troops and well respected as such. Lord Mortekei has been quoted as stating Castle Firrine would not still be standing without Barconius’ leadership and tactical skill. Barconius has even won respect of the rough edged Dorryn who has put more than one Dwarven Battlerager on guard duty for disrespecting the man.

Barconius is the commanding officer of the Temple of Iomedae at Castle Firrine, but would rather spend more time training the troops or manning the castle’s defenses than attending priestly duties at the temple.

This character is a more cooperative version of Jeor Mormont from Game of Thrones.


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