Captain Thaum Gauntwood

Leader of Castle Everstand - Wants to push orcs out of Lastwall.



Fighter 7 / Aristocrat 3 (Canon: Cavalier 8)
Leadership, Diplomacy, Know: Nobility, Know: History (Lastwall)

Captain Thaum Gauntwood is the hereditary Lord of Castle Everstand. He is a very popular leader among the common peoples of Lastwall and has been very vocal about wanting to push the orc forces out of Lastwall’s territory. This is a standpoint which has won him support from the commoners, barbarian tribes, and the Elders at Castle Firrine alike. The leaders at Castle Vigil have mixed views on his position however. On the one hand they love the fact that he is dealing with the orcs, on the other hand they fear that he may actually drag them into a full blown war with the Orc tribes.

Captain Gauntwood however is not alone in his views and has been able to successfully negotiate support agreements with the BattleMage Lord-General Mortekei. The two men have grown close enough as friends that their families spend at least a few days of the month visiting each other (alternating between the two Keeps).

As a political figure the Captain has risen in both power and support in recent years and the leaders at Vigil have taken no small amount of affront to the fact that he is fully capable of raising an army, whereas Vigil is always suffering for troops to help with keeping the Whispering Tyrant safely locked away.


Captain Thaum Gauntwood

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