Dorryn SilverBeard

Battle Cleric of Gorum at Castle Firrine



Class: WarPriest 12
Deity: Gorum (and to a lesser extent Angradd)
Alignment: CG

str: 18 (22) Dex: 10 Con: 18 (22) Int: 12 Wis: 14 Cha:8

Fort:14 (16) Ref:3 Will:9

HP: 156 (+24)
AC: 20 (with Heavy Shield: 23)
Armor DR: 8 (True Bronze Breast Plate + 2)
MDT: 33 (Raging MDT: 35)

“True Bronze” Dwarven War Axe (+3 damage)
Attk: 10/5
1h Dmg: 1d10 + 4 + 3
2H Dmg: 1d10 + 6 + 3
2H Rage Dmg: 1d10 + 8 + 3

Special: Keen/ +4 Confirm Crit

Preception: 15
Survival: 15
Know Religion: 16
Know History: 10
Intimidate: 17

Barbarian Rage
Rage: 20rds/day
+4 str/ +4 con/ +2 Will/ -2 AC
Strength Surge (Core Book 33)
Unexpected Strike (Core Book 34)

Power Attack
Combat Expertise

Hydrophobia – 4 Will around water / never willing travel by water
Sink like a Rock – 4 swim check vs drowning

Destruction (Rage)


Daily Spells: 0-4/1-4/2-4/3-3/4-2

LvL 1
Cure Light Wounds
Divine Favor
Obscuring Mist
shilled of faith
Enlarge Person (Domain spell)
True Strike (Domain spell)
Magic Weapon (Domain spell)

LvL 2
Status (Perm: Elandra)
Shield Other (Perm: Elandra)
Bear’s Endurance
Bull Strength (Domain spell)
Spiritual Weapon (Domain spell)

LvL 3
Dispel Magic
Cure serious
water Breathing
Protection from Elements
Magic Vestment (Domain spell)
Rage (Domain spell)

LvL 4
Death Ward
Divine Power (Domain spell)
Spell Immunity (Domain spell)


Dorryn is an older dwarf with white hair who wears a full beard (from which he gets his name). In spite of his age however Dorryn is broad shouldered and possesses a physique which is so powerfully build that the best word to describe him would be “huge”. Dorryn is definitely an aggressive extrovert who tends towards being a very large / loud personality. Many find Dorryn hard to take at first as he can come across as both arrogant and obnoxious, however that is simply Dorryn’s “larger than life” approach to the world around him. Considering the state of LastWall’s constant war with the orcs of Belkzen, and the many other evils they constantly face Dorryn has apparently found a way to deal with the high levels of stress they all face on a daily basis.


Dorryn favors fighting with a Dwarven Great Axe, loading himself & companions up on buff magics and wading into combat to go toe to toe with his enemies. There is little about Dorryn’s fighting style which is subtle.

Dorryn, while a frequent visitor to Vigil and an Honored member of its War Counsel is all too aware that Vigil is a little too “straight laced” for his tastes and thus has based his home (and the Main Temple for Gorum) on the front lines at Castle Firrine. Dorryn is is one of “The Council” at Castle Firrine.

Dorryn is the close personal friend to several of the major movers and shakers around LastWall and could in theory call upon any of them at the drop of a hat for aid should such ever be needed.

Dorryn absolutely adores the Lady Elandra and if life were different (he being a couple hundred years younger and a human) he would certainly have pursued her hand in marriage. As it is however Dorryn watches over her much like a protective father and has actively defended her virtue on several occasions. Dorryn is keenly aware that Elandra is seen by the troops as a virtual Saint due to her incredible healing abilities and they take her presence as sign of a blessing from the Gods.

Dorryn gifted Elandra with a mithril ring engraved with his clan name and ancestral crest. This is actually a spell focus for a constant Shield Other & Greater Status effect.

Dorryn SilverBeard

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