Bard 9 (Arcane Duelist) (Assassin)
ref to Oan Lyak

One of the most beautiful women in Vigil, and many would argue in the all of Lastwall itself. Esmeralda is the friend to Elandra & Kaeko, and the instructor of Baila in the arts of dance.

Esmeralda is the head instructor for the local bard preforming troupe, and is single handedly responsible for arguing that in a war front location that the locals needed a form of entertainment which was non-destructive and could blow off steam and relax a bit. It is also commonly known that Esmeralda’s girls are superbly talented prostitutes of the highest caliber who are VERY selective about their clientele. This is not to say that you have to be wealthy to afford them, but merely that they do not run some slum dive whore house. Bring your coin to be sure, but be clean, well presented and mind your manners or don’t bother coming at all. In spite of Baila’s considerable skills as an erotic dancer, her reputation of being a cheap bar whore for hire has resulted in Esmeralda refusing Baila’s repeated attempts to work for her. Ironically enough in her alter-ego as Oan Lyak, Esmeralda is Baila’s teacher of assassination, a fact that Baila is completely unaware of.



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