Mortekei's Wife, Half elf (Nymph)


Kaeko is a 23 yr old human female of Persian / Vudrani descent.

Kaeko’s actual class I’ve never truly been able to determine, but would be open to suggestions. Her primary abilities include:

Sense Motive (borders on Empathy)
Performance (dance)
Counseling (frequently gives marital and relationship advice)
Charm appears to be unconscious abilities which she can at will as a free action.
Cure Madness / Insanity
Boost her Charisma to truly ridiculous levels (22 +) when she “turns on the charm”
Kaeko possesses a bardic like ability to perform for a crowd and have everyone in the room laughing, crying or anything in between.

Offensive Ability:
Mind Raid – Insanity (only seen used once late in the campaign, following which Kaeko launches into a deep depression which changes her character to a very dark version of herself)

Most likely classes are:
Witch (lots of enchantments)
3.5 Beguiler

NOTE: Kaeko is a former slave from the southern continent, and the favorite Concubine of one of the kings. He used her as a temptation for visiting dignitaries as an enticement of the things he could offer them should they cooperate with his wishes. The king’s wife however grew jealous of Kaeko’s beauty and had her sold into slavery. Of the 6 pirate ships in the fleet that had bought her, only 2 of them remained by the time they pulled into the port at Westcrown due to her influence on the crew and the nearly complete mutiny that took place. Mortekei happened upon the slaver’s auction and took one look at Kaeko’s battered and beaten face and it would forever change the course of his destiny, and hers.

Kaeko’s was never able to remember clearly what happened next. She remembers explosions and fire, and a lot of screaming. Then Mortekei was there carrying her out of the flames and into the safety of the night. Due to the Lord-General’s daring with freeing her from her captors, and his kindness in personally seeing to her care and recovery, Kaeko fell in love with him and vowed to be his wife.

That was about three years ago and neither Kaeko nor Mortekei have ever been happier. Less than a year ago they celebrated the birth of their first child (a black hair, blue eyed girl named Laura-li). Kaeko makes for a stunning Stateswoman and frequently entertains guests and visiting dignitaries to Lastwall in general, and Castle Firrine specifically. Even with the tensions growing between the factions of Lastwall Kaeko has never allowed it to lessen her passion for helping those in need. Many have accurately argued that were it not for the work of Kaeko, Elandra and Esmeralda that Lastwall would have already been torn apart by the conflicting politics within its borders.



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