Kos Orus


Kos Orus

12 LVL – Drow – Barbarian – TWF – Double Sword
Archetype: Invulnerable Rager
Rage Power: Rage grants bonus to Dex & Con (instead of Str & Con) and adds + 1 attack at highest BAB, but suffers an additional – 2 AC.
Favored Race Bonus: + 1 rd/LvL of Barbarian rage
Damage Reduction: 11 DR/-
HP: 155
AC: 22
| S. | D. | Cn. | I. | W. | Ch. |
| 16 | 22 | 16 | 12 | 12 | 12 |


Rage Powers: Increased DR x3, Come and get me
Feats: Toughness, TWF / Imp.TWF

Kos uses an exotic double long sword like weapon (+ 3 weapons) 1d8 + 1d6 + 8 / 15-20 threat / x2 crit – enchanted with Keen and +1d6 Negative energy (resists healing, treat as Wounding/necrotic) – blades burn red and give off a light hissing sound and mild smoke – the extend and retract with a flick of the wrist. Kos can wield the weapon as a club (both blades retracted), a 2h swd (only 1 blade extended), a double weapon, or split the weapon as two swords (or recombine them). These changes from one form to another are integrated seamlessly into his fighting style and frankly would be beautiful to watch if he were not slaughtering your village while he did so.

To get a good feel for the fighting style of Kos take a look at the Style of Darth Maul from the Star Wars series (Phantom Menace) and the Dark Elf Prince from HellBoy: The Golden Army. (NOTE: it was the same martial artist that played both roles, his name is Luke Goss)

Personality: Kos is a die-hard Chaotic Evil psychopath, who delights in the destruction he causes. He basically feels that combat, & conquest are the only measures of strength and worth that mean anything. Either stand and defeat him, or die horribly before him. The choice is yours.

Kos has dark skin, and long white hair which he wears pulled up into a topknot style pony tail. There are arcane runes tattoo’d on his skin that glow in combat. Lore has it such things are demonic binding runes of some nature and horribly painful to apply.

Kos will always be in the company of several bodyguards who handle his “light work”. These range from Anti-paladins and blackguards to powerful undead.


Kos Orus

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