Lady Elandra

Priestess of the local Hospital of Sarenrae based in Jasper Village


Human 11 Priest

Domains: Good, Healing, Glory, Sun
6D8 Channeling ( +6 vs undead / outsiders) – (Elandra can channel energy as a Move action)

stats: ( +2 wis / +2 char)

FEATS: Combat Casting, Mobility, Dodge, Healing Meta-Magics.

Combat Tactics Priority List:
1) Buff & Bless the party before / during battle whenever possible.
2) Summon Angels
3) Heal the wounded
3) Direct Attacks against undead
5) Hamper the enemy with spell effects that do not cause direct HP damage


Elandra is a beautiful young woman with long white hair who has recently established Sarenrae’s Temple of Healing in Jasper Village (which functions as a hospital for Lastwall’s frequently wounded warriors). Elandra is the second in command of the Temple of Sarenrae within Lastwall, second only to Mother Superior in at the main temple in Vigil.

When not at the hospital in Jasper Village Elandra is typically found at either Castle Firrine or visiting Vigil. Elandra counts among her friends most of the higher level campaign personalities around Lastwall and at least one dragon (namely Granamere).

Due to Elandra’s advance healing skills she is viewed as a Saint by most of Lastwall, and even Mother Superior (a warrior cleric of Sarenrae) in Vigil defers to her healing abilities. While perhaps not a “Saint” in the strictness of terms, it is true that she has a faint glow about her at all times which most view as a sign from Sarenrae of her favor with Elandra. When in deep prayer or casting spells (especially higher level ones) this glow can become very bright indeed and generate the same effect as a Daylight spell. The impact this has upon the morale of the soldiers with Lastwall’s military is extreme and explains alot of why she is seen as such a high value target to Lastwall’s enemies.

Elandra is officially recognized as a “Lady of the Realm” by the Senate of Vellumis. She is also an official ambassador between the three holds and frequently travels between them, although she tends to spend the bulk of her time between the Hospital (medical temple dedicated to Sarenrae) in Jasper Village and Castle Firrine (where she claims her calming effects are more needed upon the large egos and frequently short tempers with the castle’s leaders).

Dorryn gifted Elandra with a mithril ring engraved with his clan name and ancestral crest. This is actually a spell focus for a constant Shield Other & Greater Status effect and marks her officially as “Dwarf Friend” with clan SilverBeard. This grants her a +4 charisma bonus when dealing with dwarves friendly to Clan SilverBeard (which is most of them within the campaign).

  • Elandra’s personal body guard detail is made of four level 6 Knights of Ozem and the Dwarven Barbarian Motok who accompany her anytime she leaves the Hospital. Motok was her original body guard assigned to her by Dorryn who felt that Elandra was (and still is) a high value target of opportunity for their enemies. This was not mere paranoia on Dorryn’s part for in fact Elandra has been targeted more than once for assassination attempts, kidnapping, etc. Motok remains one of the few people in the Realm with unrestricted access to Elandra and can frequently be found at her side.
  • Elandra possesses a truly endearing personality with a outlook that the world is basically good, and for the most part the people in it are honest and hard working. Ironically enough this quality actually tends to encourage the people she encounters to bring out the best in them. (It was this very quality which created the alignment shift in Motok from CE to CN as an example.)

Note: Elandra’s ability to combat undead is truly impressive. Any time she is within 30ft of undead and her average damage from channeling is more that twice their hit points they are automatically destroyed as a free action (ie; anything with less than 12 HP). This is a constant effect and not one which Elandra has to do anything to activate. Ironically enough, instead of running in fear from her undead seem to be drawn to Elandra in what she describes as a desire for peace and freedom from their undead existence. Her body guard Motok have observed it more as a “moth draw to the flame”. They may both be right.

The Hospital of Jasper Village

The Hospital itself is one of the largest buildings in Jasper Village and only a few years old. Rebuilt by mostly dwarven craftsmen after the original building was burnt down in a assassination attempt on Lady Elandra, the current hospital is made of a white granite quarried from local mines. The walls are smooth, and the windows are expertly done in stained glass murals of the Acts of Sarenrae. Inside the hospital has polished wooden floors and comfortable wooden furniture. The main sanctuary is used for weekly services and filled with pews for the faithful, which may be moved out of the way to create a large work space for tending to the wounded as needed.

The hospital itself is considered to be a sacred place by both believers and nonbelievers alike, as the building itself is under the constant effect of a Daylight spell. Because of this, both the Hospital / Temple itself, and its members, are frequently referred to as a “light in the darkness”.

The Hospital of Jasper Village was set up by Lady Elandra as a safe place for the warriors of Lastwall to come to recover from battle, and dedicated to the healing aspect of the goddess Sarenrae. They train Priests, Clerics, Paladins and anyone else that wants to learn the healing arts of Sarenrae. This ranges from the teaching of divine healing, to basic first aid skills. It is said that their credo extends to anyone who walks into the front door and asks for aid will receive it, even if that person were a criminal or an orc (although no orcs have been known to do so).

It is not uncommon for the different military units around Lastwall to request the healers from the hospital to accompany them on high contact missions. Some of whom are more than happy to say yes, where as others have felt their role was that of a healer dedicated to doing no harm. Both answers are respected, for to do otherwise would be to ostracize the healers from further involvement with the war.

The temple is guarded night and day as it is a high risk target for both the temple itself, and the renowned healers who make their homes there. As such it is not uncommon to find divine classed adventures and military officers spending time around the temple praying, training, having wounds tended to, or simply keeping an eye out for trouble.

Love interests

While it is safe to say that virtually any man in Lastwall would be more than happy to call Elandra his own, there are really only two that she has considered. General Trevor Arileus and his nephew, the newly appointed Watcher-Lord Ulthun II

Between the two men she and Trevor have been close for some time now and have spent enough time working together to have developed a deep respect for one another. In fact had it not been for meeting Ulthun she would have likely married Trevor, although more as a paring of equals than as a romantic “true love” type of marriage. On a positive note however, it would be great for Trevor’s career and he truly loves Elandra. Meeting Ulthun however has completely changed the dynamic of this (a fact not lost on Trevor) however as Elandra has discovered what it is to fall in love. Unfortunately Ulthun has only recently ascended to his position as Watcher-Lord and so it is making it difficult to actually connect with him, not to mention Elandra’s duties at the Temple creating constant demands on her time and attention.

Her hospital at Jasper village is the home to many layman and adventurers that would come to learn how to further their understanding of the healing arts. Among them are the Paladin: Purifiers

Lady Elandra

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