Lord Marius Arileus

Uncle to the Watcher-Lord, Precentor Martial for Garrison and Siege at Vigil


Alignment: LN
Class: Inquisitor 5 / Aristocrat 3

Lord Marius sits on the Council of War as the Precentor Martial for Garrison and Siege at Vigil. Some have claimed that Marius is frustrated by this appointment as it is less glamorous than other appointments, but as Ulthun’s uncle it is appropriate for close family and trusted advisors to sit on the council.

Marius is a difficult man to get close to as he is a very suspicious individual who believes that Vigils enemies (under the influence of the Whispering Tyrant) have infiltrated the inner halls of Vigil. As such he spends a lot of his time with the Inquisitors of the Church of Iomedae and Commander Veena of the BAttleMages, trying to uncover who they might be.

Marius’ obsession with looking for the hidden enemy has become so consuming that it was one of the main reasons Lord-General Mortekei relocated the main force of the BattleMages outside of Vigil. Mortekei suspects Marius may be mad with paranoia and thus causing bad strategic choices to be made with the war. If this is the case then it is costing good men their lives. The second option is Marius is a stone cold idiot when it comes to military leadership. And the third option is the one Mortekei fears the most: has Lord Marius actually been subverted himself by the Whispering Tyrant he claims to be trying to root out?

Raemon, Dorryn and several others that relocated to Castle Firrine agree with the Lord-General and actively blame Marius for the deaths of several of their friends. Marius has certainly made powerful enemies and is well aware that he must be cautious with whatever he does next as these men are all well respected and extremely dangerous.

Either way, it leaves Marius in a bad position which he will have to resolve quickly. He must prove his claims soon or have Ulthun lose confidence in him. As such Lord Marius is currently recruiting mercenaries for a “special operations force” but he has yet not had much to say about what their mission will actually be.


Lord Marius Arileus

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