Marcus Arileus

Retired Watcher-Lord of Vigil



Pally 7 / Aristocrat 5
Alignment: LG

Retired 2 yrs ago as the Lord of the Vigil Watch and settled in Lastwall’s un-official capitol of Vellum on the edge of Lake Encarta. From there he heads the Senate of representatives from the communities of Lastwall (and ambassadors from surrounding kingdoms). The previous head of the Senate is Marcus’ brother Marius who has always pushed for a unified kingdom under one king. This is the point at which the two brothers argue the hardest as Marcus (rightfully) understands that in the hands of a good king the land would flourish, but in the hands of a bad one the efforts against their multiple enemies would surely collapse.

Between the brothers relations are good, but politically they are complete polar opposites. Marcus is good natured and feels the people need little rulership and most often it should be in the form of encouragement towards good will and simply doing the right thing. A philosophy he demonstrates through example every day.

When Marcus retired as Watcher-Lord, his son Ulthun was appointed to take his place. This was both a nod to Marcus’ excellent previous rulership and a testimony to the fact that Ulthun was truly and exemplary choice for the position. A this which point Marius stepped down from the senate seat and joined Ulthun’s War Council as the Precentor Martial for Garrison and Siege.

Marcus worries about this transition with his brother and fears that Marius may now be in a position to do real harm.


Marcus Arileus

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