BattleMage, Castle Everstand


Human (Garundi)
9th LvL BattleMage (Evoker)
Mortekei’s 2nd in Command of the BattleMages of Lastwall
Very Military, Marine officer type


Trusted Implicitly by Mortekei to run BattleMage operations out of Castle Everstand. Nero spends relatively little time in the field these days. Instead he more often finds himself in leadership and training roles. While he has excelled at both tasks, the truth is he misses the thrill of direct combat.

Nero’s primary role is coordinating with the special forces teams of Rangers and the Knights of Ozem to ensure they have proper support from the BattleMages to ensure success in their operations. In an odd twist Nero has also become the primary point of contact when dealing with the temples of Iomedae and Sarenrae in requesting combat medics and healers to assist with these same missions.


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