Oan Lyak

Master Assassin - Neutral Loyalties


Bard (Arcane Duelist) 9 (Assassin)

Oan was sent to Lastwall under orders from Cheliax although why she was sent is unknown. Is she here as one of Mortekei’s agents? Or was she sent by a friend of his? Or an enemy? Perhaps she was sent as a “sleeper” agent to be called to action at some later date, or perhaps her true master was killed after she was deployed and thus is completely off radar. Either way Oan has made dear friends in Vigil and frankly it is highly doubtful that she would act against them if called to actually do so. Instead she spends her time as her alter-ego Esmeralda teaching dance techniques in her theatrical hall in Vigil, and keeping the dancers / prostitutes who work for her out of trouble with the local law of Vigil (who can take a very negative view of such a profession)

For more on her character ref Esmeralda.


Oan Lyak

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