General Trevor Arileus

Precentor Martial for Infantry


Fighter: Tactician 10

Broad shouldered, black hair, bearded and piercing blue eyes. Trevor strikes an imposing figure and is known for his reputation as a legendary leader on the field of battle as Vigil’s Battle Field Commander (officially Precentor Martial for Infantry). Trevor is a true military leaders, in that he inspires such trust and loyalty from his troops that they have frequently following his into the thickest battles with never a voice raised to the contrary. To his credit, Trevor has worked long and hard to earn such trust and loyalty and actively sees to it that his troops have adequate resources, healing, rest, etc and does not hesitate to personally come to the aid of his troops in battle when they are injured or cut off.

The fastest way to get Trevor upset is to cause trouble for his troops. Even though Trevor is stern with his enforcement of discipline it is always fair and evenhanded. It is due to these traits that Trevor’s men are among the most disciplined and effective unit in active service anywhere. So much so that many noble houses have sent their son’s to Vigil in the hopes of joining Trevor on the field of battle to learn from him. In some cases this has been very successful, yet in others Trevor spotted a character weakness in these would-be recruits which caused him to simply reject them out of hand (often times without explanation). Trevor himself has often times stated it simply as, “Birth creates neither warriors nor nobility of spirit, both are traits which must be Forged.”

Trevor is the cousin of the Watcher-Lord Ulthun. Ironically he has held the position for years before Ulthun was appointed Watcher-Lord so none may claim favoritism for Trevor’s station. For his part Ulthun is glad to have both Trevor’s loyalty and experience at his back. A fact that has saved his life more than once already, both on and off the battlefield. Trevor is well aware of the accusations being leveled at his father Marius, however the two of them have not been close for years and honestly does not know what to make of it. So for now he watches and observes.


General Trevor Arileus

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