Veena Heliu

Commander of the BattleMages stationed at Vigil


Titles: Chancellor of the Magic Division of the War College of Vigil / Precentor Martial for Magic / Commander of the BattleMages of Vigil
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Race: Human
Class: Magus 9
Gender: Female
Homeland: Vigil, Lastwall
Organization: Precentors Martial / BattleMage

Commander Veena Heliu is the passionate fire-haired Precentor Martial for Magic in Vigil and the Commander of the BattleMages stationed at Vigil. Veena is a human woman, aggressive in war but also in her personal affairs. Many in the crusade adore her and many are even in love with her, referring to her as “Our Lady”, a title usually reserved for Iomedae herself.1

Veena Heliu owes her current position to her training under the Lord-General Mortekei. When he suddenly departed for Castle Firrine, Veena found herself promoted to Commander of the BattleMages at Vigil and the Precentor Martial for Magic in Vigil. Frankly she was shocked and initially refused the appointment, but as a loyal military officer (who just happens to be in love with the Watcher-Lord) she felt obligated to step in and do what she could.

Veena is good friends with Esmeralda and Marius whom she works with trying to root out possible traitors. It was because of her belief in Marius’ ideas of traitors in their midst that she was stationed at Vigil by Lord Mortekei as his replacement. Mortekei felt that should such traitors actually exist that Veena would be able to assist in rooting them out. If that traitor turned out to actually be Marius or another high ranking figure then she would still be a good choice to have on hand.

Lady Kaeko has recently been speaking to Commander Veena about General Trevor and how he and Veena would make for a good romantic match. This is an idea that has not fallen on deaf ear by Veena as she was already interested in him. The challenge from Veena’s perspective however is her more passionate (and some rumor promiscuous) nature when she has already set her eyes set on the Watcher Lord Ulthun II himself. The likelihood of her actually getting the chance to realize such a relationship with the Watcher Lord seems very distant currently (not that she has not tried) due to the budding connection between he and the Lady Elandra of the temple of Iomedae.

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Veena Heliu

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