Character Generation

Character races are limited to the core races only. Gnomes are not allowed as they do not fit the campaign concept. These races may be fleshed out with Pathfinder appropriate supplementary material.

  • Allowed PC classes are listed below.
  • One Archetype per class, and two Traits per character and one Drawback (optional) may be taken at the time of character creation.
  • Prestige Classes are not allowed.
  • Character concepts which focus on necromantic, Undead, Demonic, or Devil themed character builds and backgrounds are not appropriate for the campaign.

Starting Character points: 20
Table: Ability Score Costs

Score Points Score Points
7 –4 13 3
8 –2 14 5
9 –1 15 7
10 0 16 10
11 1 17 13
12 2 18 17

Characters gain an additional stat point every even level, with feats every odd level. NOTE: Character base Stats may never be pushed higher than 18 + / – racial adjustment without some form of magical or alchemical assistance (Bull Strength, Barbarian Rage, Alchemical Mutagen, etc).

Hit points: max HP at first level, following which roll twice (reroll any 1’s) and take the best result at each new level gain.

Bonus Spells from High Stats: All bonus spells are available at 1st level.


  • Characters may have a max of 2 classes, with a level difference not greater than a 2:1 ratio.
  • Only one spell casting class allowed in a multi-class IE; Warpriest 6 / Barbarian 3.

Note: The multi-class restrictions were specifically put into place to avoid “splashing” or “dipping” into another class for meta-gaming purposes.

  • Languages & Literacy Common is the only language spoken in the campaign, and illiteracy is so common as to be the norm. Mages, Clerics, Bards and classes with a similar “academic” background are literate as a class feature. (Refer to Skills and Feats for more information.)


The following classes are allowed in an LCM campaign. NOTE: all spells are capped at 6th level, zero level spells / cantrips / orisons are banned, and max character level is 13th.

When converting core classes to LCM variants use the following template:

Class: XX
Concepts and Roles within the campaign
Appropriate Archetypes
Marginally Appropriate (needs adjustments to fit campaign themes)
Banned Archetypes (breaks with campaign themes)
Additional Class / Archetype considerations for the role this class plays within the campaign setting.

Alchemist – represent fully 1/2 of all casters in the campaign
Barbarian – Unchained
Druid – spontaneous caster, uses Bard spells per day table
Magus – spontaneous caster, uses Bard spells per day table
Monk – Alternate: Brawler class
Priest – domain caster
Rogue – Unchained
Warpriest – domain caster
Witch – spontaneous caster, uses Sorcerer spells per day table

Character Generation

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