Creatures Unique to the Campaign

Dragons My dragons are a true terror to behold. Treat them as such and forget EVERYTHING you ever thought you knew about a D20 dragon. To encounter one and simply charge in blindly is to face certain death.

Black Dragon Aliens (Sigourney Weaver movies inspired by the art of H.G. Giger) – Demonic Template – Make no mistake, these things are the epitome of a manifest demonic force upon the world. It is believed that their presence upon Golarion was the result of an evil dragon entering the some hellish plane of the Abyss several centuries ago, since then the demonic black dragons have been encountered all over the world and seem to be the fastest spreading form of dragons. As such they are universally hunted wherever they go. The exception to this is of course in those cases where they encounter evil humanoids and occasional alliances are struck. Black Dragons are also susceptible to some forms of demonic summoning by conjurers (of evil alignment) and the calls for help by dark priests. While they aren’t “summoned” they do seem to hear the call and tend to be drawn to such places & people who would call out to them. Black Dragons do no have eyes, and seem to see via some form of “life sense” much like an undead.

Red / Fire Dragon So far only one of these has been discovered in the campaign world, and that is Granamere who lives in an active volcano (inhabited by other elemental creatures such as Salamandre who see the Dragon as a God) in the Northern reaches of Belkzen Hold.

Oriental Spirit Dragon – Ancient & Wise, but not necessarily good. Typically only encountered by characters with a martial arts or Asian theme to them, and even then most typically as a form of vision.

Earth Dragon Rock Elementals in dragon form. Move through the earth naturally. Lays eggs in the form of crystal and rare metal deposits, which means that they often come into conflict with miners. Should their eggs be disturbed they either attack directly or set off earthquakes to collapse the mines (frequently killing the miners in the process). Earth dragons are highly dangerous to anything standing on the ground as their “breath weapon” typically manifest as shock waves and sudden rock protrusions which erupt from the ground & cave walls. Should they be attacked from the air Earth Dragons will simply burrow back into the earth (which collapses back in around them as they literally “swim” through the earth and stone natively). NOTE: These dragons do not fly.

Ice Dragon These dragons tend to have an environmental effect in that their lairs are universally frozen places, even if encountered in areas where this should not be the case. Ice dragon lairs as such are always frozen & slick with several inches (or feet) of ice coating every surface. The dragon’s movements are never hindered by these slick conditions, most other creatures however are typically both surprised by the environment and forced to make acrobatic checks (or use specialized equipment) every round just to maintain their footing. An Ice Dragons favored tactic is to lure foes into his lair where he has maneuver advantage, use improved invisibility and play cat and mouse games as he attempts to isolate individual party members.

Shards – appear as tall humanoids, completely black and appear to be made of living oil. As such while they have a physical body they do not truly have “skin” per se. The hands of a shard end in 8" claws. Other distinctive features about shards is a complete lack of facial features. It is presumed that they see as some form of “life sense” in much the way that the black dragon does. The only time Shards show any form of expression is when they are performing a kill move where they literally bite off the top of their victims head and devour the brain. During this move their mouth opens to reveal a gaping maw of shark-like teeth and a 2 ft long purple tongue.

Shards are extremely fast and use their superior speed to maneuver around a battlefield. Further they have a devastating rapid fire attack (3 attacks @ + 12 to hit, 2d6+4). When in darkness Shard are virtually invisible until they move (Hide in Plain Sight). Shards should be understood to truly be predatory hunters which stalk their prey in a sadistic fashion intended to create fear and terror, and will often time harry a given victim for days killing everyone around them before finally moving in for the kill on its true target.

Only 3 shards are currently known to exist so far and are never far from Kos Orus. Why this is, no one knows and Kos isn’t talking. It is thought that the reason shards can not be banished is because they are somehow native to the prime material plane but have simply been corrupted beyond imagining with an enormous infusion of negative energy, much the way the black dragons were. An interesting bit-tit on Shards is they will not attack Black Dragons (who also will not attack them) for any reason.

NOTE: Shards are a recent addition to the campaign world timeline and appear to be geographically isolated to the area around LastWall so far. It is possible someone may have more information about what they are but such lore would be very obscure and most likely in the hands of a very old established order or as a racial record of the elves or dwarves. Even if such records do exist they would be seen as “forbidden lore” and “black magic”.

Side note: In our original campaign the party had shown up at the gates of a dwarven citadel (close friends of the party) while being chased by a shard and the Dwarven king ordered the party thrown out of the city for fear that the Shard (which was known in the ancient / secret lore of their people) would kill everyone in the fortress trying to get its victim. The Dwarves literally felt that the Shard was the incarnation of death itself. This however would have been the same result regardless of the sanctuary sought out (Elven kingdoms, an ancient arcane / divine temple, etc). About the only thing that doesn’t fear the shards are beings who are themselves of titanic power, such as Granamere the Dragon.

Shards are roughly a CR 12 – 15 (each), however bare in mind that the campaign level range only rare breaks level 10 – 12 (for the high end) and thus shards are extremely powerful in that style of campaign setting.

Weaknesses: Shards take 50% more damage from holy spells, and blessed / holy weapons due full damage (normal weapons less than + 3 only do 1/2 damage). Protection from Evil tends to draw a shards attention (as does any strong good / holy aura), and while they can attack and make physical contact with someone so protected the shard will actually catch on fire and apparently suffer great agony while taking 1d6+ divine character level (or level of whoever cast Pro vs Evil, whichever is greater) each time they attack.


Illithid as a form of demonic possession with tenacled / paneled faces which open like buds of a flower similar to that of recent Resident Evil movies and Blade III.


Braetak as a fallen dwarf commander, raised as death knight / black guard – bound to his armor – visage of a corpse – once discovered his presence will unit the dwarves of the area in a frenzied attempt to stop him -


replaces rust monster. four legged armadillo type creature that eats metal. heavy armor plates = high DR. scales can be used to craft armor. digs through the earth

Creatures Unique to the Campaign

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