Custom Races of the LCM - Work in Progress

LCM Races

Wee Folk (Wood Elf / Halflings)
High Elves
1/2 orc – 2nd class citizens / strong but stupid & ugly / racial prejudice from all other races
Orc (npc only – degenerate humans generations ago)
1/2 elves – TBD

Fey (Wood Elves / Half-Lings)

The Fey of Fangwood Forest have been called many names during the different ages of Man. Wood elf, dryad, nymph, and other darker names have the tribes of Man used for them. For the Fey however, they care little for what they are called as they are not native to the soils to Terra. Rather they are descended from the High Elves who settled long ago in the forests of Terra.

Following the Great Apocalypse many of the High Elves settled in the relative safety offered by expansive forests of Terra. Cut off form the light of Arcadia the High Elves would undergo a slow but dramatic process over the following centuries. As their connection to their ethereal home world faded to little more than a distant memory, they would form a much closer bond to natural life force of Terra. Over the centuries that followed, this bonding would have a dramatic effect upon them both physically and spiritually.

The Fey shrunk in stature to a height roughly half that of the High Elves, to where they stand now at a mere three to four feet tall. Their skin and hair colors likewise changed from a pale skin and nearly universally blond hair to take on darker forest shades of green and browns, and their eyes shifted from a golden blue to amber and greens. A secondary side effect of their closer connection with Terra, the Fey who were once immortal now have a life span of only about three hundred years. It is this last feature which with their High Elf cousins would find the most dramatic of their physical changes. In truth however by this point the Fey were so closely connected to the natural life cycles of Terra that they barely noticed it.

Yet it was not just their physical features which had changed the most dramatically with the passing of the ages, but also their connection to their home world and the ever present light of Arcadia. As their connection with Arcadia faded their connection to life force of Terra would grow increasingly stronger. Perhaps it is for this reason that there are so few wielders of arcane magic among the Fey, and the very reason druidic magic seems to come so naturally to them.

In spite of their “disconnect” the Fey are able to form close bonds with the spirits of nature the likes of which few other races enjoy. For this reason they make excellent rangers and druids and enjoy a + 2 Wis bonus when taking one of these classes. WE however make very poor arcane casters and suffer a -2 Int when selecting such a class. These bonus / penalties only affect their spells matrix and caster checks.

The relationship the WE have to their high elven cousins is a strange one in that they tend to view the HE as something a kin to divine spiritual beings of legend and are somewhat awestruck in their presence. The feeling however is not mutual and the HE tend to view the WE as a “lesser” distance cousin who suffers some form of disability. Thus the HE never invite the WE into the inner sanctums of the HE cities, they are however welcome in the outlying settlements as border patrol scouts and liaisons to other communities.

Long ago the Fey discovered the techniques for working the wood of the giant Darkwood into amazing crafted items ranging from weapons to simple household items. More over they would also master other aspects of the tree and develop Darkleaf and amber products of such trees. Items with an amber coating adding both strength and flexibility to lightweight items. The Fey are the only surface dwelling race that has mastered the art of living armor (made from Dark Leaf), which will not only repair itself over time but also mold to fit its wearer perfectly.

Size: Small – roughly 3 ft tall, and weighing about 40 pounds. This is roughly the size of a 3 yr old human child.
+ 2 Survival
+ 2 perception (wooded environments)
+ 2 athletics (climbing, swim, etc)
+ 4 disquises attempts when trying to pass as a human child (gave rise to the changling legend)
-4 diplomacy penalty / -2 charisma checks when dealing with dwarves (whom they find abrasive) & High Elves (whom they are too awestruck by to be very influential over)

+ 2 dex / Con
- 2 str / char
- 2 Int (arcane spells)
+ 2 Wis (divine spells)

Large Eyes – Lowlight vision

WE make up mostly barbarian tribes with druidic faiths who are reclusive and stick to their forests. Their hated enemies are orcs and humans tribes who would despoil their forests.

WE are not cowards, but are somewhat skittish around new people and environments, and don’t trust human / dwarven technology such as explosives or arcane magic.

Due to thier fey origins, most woodland creatures treat them as simply another “beast” vs a “man” and thus do not react negatively to their presence.

WE tend to adopt small animals such as wolves, dogs and small dinosaurs (raptors) for use as steeds. NOTE: the raptors are rarely seen outside of the forests, only stand about 2 ft tall at the shoulder, and are solidly buildt. In the wild they hunt in packs, were considered a somewhat dangerous pest by the local humans and nearly hunted into extinction. A way to win friendship with the WE is to have one as a pet. The raptors make loyal companions and pets, some humans and dwarves keep them as such. Raptors can jump remarkably high, jumping over a grown horse without touching it, and are relatively fast (movement rate 45)

Half-Ling) A small sect of their people live closer to human settlements and maintane good relations with them. These “half-lings” tend to adopt simple clothing customs of the humans, while avoiding anything too flashy.

While domestic 1/2 Lings get along well enough with dwarves, their rustic “wood elf” brothers and sisters consider the dwarves simply too abrasive to tolerate for longer than absolutely necessary (-4 diplomacy penalty / -2 charisma checks).

NOTE: Due to the loss of connection to their Fey origins Wee Folk do not suffer from the damaging effects of iron weapons / items the way the High Elves.

Wee Folk may access archetypes and racial traits of halfling, gnome or elf packages which support their described background above.

High Elves

very rare on Terra now
arcane magic
high culture
best archers
fey / elemental in nature
ethereal 1 rd / day / level
+ 2 stealth bonus
+ 2 int
- 2 wis
- 2 str
+ 2 dex
+ 2 char (+ 4 bonus to social checks when dealing with opposite sex of humans)
- 2 con

- 4 social checks when dealing with dwarves
+ 4 social checks when dealing with WE

Shifting between deminsions
the cataclysm forced them to shift, stuck in the 1st kingdom for longer than expected
negative effects on them due to prolonged distance from the prime material of Terra
1st kingdom = light, song, unity of souls and shifting lights
arcane magic is natural to them
mistrustful of both man and dwarf, open enemies with dark spiritual things such as demons and undead
take additional damage from iron weapons, may not wear iron armor (big penalties for attempt, less protection / DOT?, etc)

Dwarves / Orion
elemental by nature
dwarf or Orion packages available for racial traits / features
darken as they age
natural DR – > increases with age and flesh hardens / + 1 per 3 levels + 1 per age catagory
resistance to fire / cold — + 1 per 3 levels + 1 per age catagory
worship the titan god of Forges
+ 3 crafting – smithing

- bonus feats: toughness / endurance / die hard
- hydrophobia mild / med / sever
- sink like a rock! → – 3 / -6 / -10 swim checks

dont trust arcane magic (barred / forbidden)
don’t trust elves
openly hate orcs
tolerant of humans

only race to produce the cannon
can use explosives without fear of accidental detonation
most adventures are warriors
most casters are alchemists or divine casters
arcane magic is barred / forbidden (alchemist allowed as a “chemist” who manipulate physical properties)
alchemists are valued in their society

tradition of keeping an iron headed axe or mining pick by the door for “luck” and to keep away the fairies (WE and other fey)

mutant humans – restricted to NPC only
hates PC races (human, elf, dwarf)
will eat elves and human children. will rape human females given the chance

1/2 orc
+ 2 str / + 2 con
resistant to arcane radiation
- 2 int / – 2 wis / – 4 char

Custom Races of the LCM - Work in Progress

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