Magic Items

Under the LCM Ruleset it should first be understood that the Wealth By Level (WBL) system has been completely dropped. There is no magic market place where such items are easily swapped or created on demand. This change is a deliberate refocusing of attention away from a characters magic items, and back onto the actions and decisions of the PC’s which shape the campaign. Such items are now (like in earlier editions of the game) found as loot, awarded as treasure, or require extensive “down time” by professional NPC Artificers.

Masterwork, exotic and alchemical items are the norm for the campaign’s “magical items”. That said however there are a rare few items that can still be found which are truly magical, and on average such things could be expected to be acquired once every 3 – 4 levels. Magic potions are seen slightly more frequently at every 2 – 3 levels.

Magic Items under the LCM Ruleset
Magic items never appear randomly in an LCM campaign, as such the skill Use Magic Device is BANNED.

The creation of magic items is simply BANNED for PC’s, and only a few NPC’s Artificers possess the time, resources and ability to create such items.

Sample “magic items” in the campaign include Masterwork, or Exotic items, such as padded armor which add a + 3 save bonus vs explosions, a high quality climbing harness adding a +4 bonus to climb, or heavy dwarven armor allowing a + 3 DR/-.

When they do appear, magic enchantments are much less “flashy” than in a standard D20 campaign. Enchantments such as Light (weight), Distance (for ranged weapons), or Keen would simply be attributed to a well made quality item.

Magic items in LCM campaigns do not radiate magic. This is in keeping with the lore of settings such as Lord of the Rings where even the most powerful magical artifact in the world (the One Ring) went undetected by one of the most powerful mages (Gandalf) as such.


Alchemy under the LCM ruleset has been greatly expanded and now replaces magical potions.

Alchemical Healing Salves (AHS) are similar to an accelerated form of natural healing and thus will not regrow limbs or cure blindness (unless it was temporary to begin with), etc. Such potions only take one round to apply but any direct HP recovery takes effect once per hour based on the strength of the salve being used (see below). Salves and poultices which effect specific types of injury such as a burn ointment (ala Aloe Vera) will heal at twice the normal per round rate but only against that specific type of injury.

A normal Alchemical Healing Salve will heal 1 HP of damage every hour for four hours (4 HP total), and require a Craft: Alchemy skill check of 20 to create. Multiple applications may be applied per day equal to the CON bonus of the person receiving the medication (your party Warrior for example) + the WIS or INT bonus of the person applying it (your party Medic for example). Up to six consecutive applications maximum can be applied this way in a single day.

If the craftsman making such an Alchemist Healing Salve possess the necessary feats, AND the Craft check used to create such a poultice exceed the DC for creation by 10 then the concoction will heal for 2 HP per hour for four hours, 3 HP for 4 hours for a + 20 result, and 4 HP per hour for 4 hours for a + 30 result.

NOTE: AHS stacks with spells such as Cure Light Wounds.

The Cost for Alchemical Healing Salves (AHS):
For a standard AHS the cost is 15 gold, or 10 gold for a salve that only works against one type of damage (reference the comment about Aloe Vera above). For a common salve the cost is 30 gold, 45 gold for a + 1 masterwork, 75 gold for + 2 or 20, 30, and 40 for Aloe. AHS are generally sold in single application containers.

For Alchemical weapons (Alchemist Fire, Acid, Poisons, Grenades / Explosives, etc) assume the cost increase by x5 for each Tier. Keep in mind the level / skill requirements for each level and the rarity of such an item.

Examples of Other Alchemical Items of note:
Alchemists Fire is advanced with each Tier by + 1d6 damage, the radius doubles, flames continue to burn for ½ base damage for 1d4 rounds per Tier, and the cost increases by x5 per Tier. Alchemist fire ignites via a violent explosion upon exposure to air. If a single person is the target of the attack, resolve the attack as per ranged touch with no save, for those within the blast radius of the explosion make an attack roll against their Ref Save Value at 15 + 3 per Tier advanced.

This highly volatile material is dangerous to carry around and is will break upon a critical hit against you, or a fumbled Ref Save. In such an event any other alchemical flasks you are carrying will also break, their effects are cumulative. Such materials are highly illegal in most kingdoms outside of officially sanctioned use by the military, and most soldiers want to be nowhere near such items on the off chance of a breakage that could blow them all to kingdom come!

NOTE: It is not the intended purpose of this document to detail the Tier advancement of every Alchemical item in the game. Future documents however will undertake a much more thorough exploration of both spells and alchemical creations.

Examples of what such Tier advancement might be: medical items increase the effectiveness of Heal checks, amount of healing done, the time its effects will last, etc. Weapons such as Pellet Grenades could see DC and damage increases. Items which allow for a bonus to saves / skill checks (such as a +2 to Survival) could see that bonus with each Tier, such as a +4, +6, etc.

Spell Completion Items

Magic Scrolls do not exist in LCM campaigns – thus Scribe Scroll is BANNED.

Magic Potions are only seen in the campaign as governed by the rules on Alchemy (above)

Wands & Staves: Are only available for use by Full Caster classes (Cleric, Druid, Wizard, Witch), and augment the casters existing spell casting abilities. For example, a Staff of Fire + 3 would grant a + 3 bonus to the DC check for casting any Fire related spell and add 3 additional spells levels per day as free magic for casting fire related magic. Such an item would only function in the hands of a core caster who could already cast a spell with the Elemental: Fire descriptor. NOTE: magical rods are not found as a unique item type within the campaign.

Magic items are virtually always keyed to a specific class, background, family bloodline, etc. Magic items are hand placed in the LCM campaign, and thus are never encountered as “random treasure”. Either you are meant to use them, or you are not.

Magic Items

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