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The LCM Ruleset

A D20 Pathfinder (Low Magic Variant) Campaign set in Lastwall

Some of the specifics that can be expected from the campaign include:

* The rules and variants found on this website represent a collection of ideas which has been in development for over a decade and it is only now finally coming together. It is collectively referred to as "The LCM Ruleset."

* Our campaign setting is based upon the official Pathfinder Campaign world of Golarion, however it should be noted that the LCM ruleset is tailored to reflect a lower magic, and more harsh environment than in the canon product. The HBO series "Game of Thrones", the Witcher 2 & 3 video games, and the Lord of the Rings movies are excellent benchmarks for the campaign.

  • Arcane Magic is both real, and distrusted. For this reason most Arcane casters are 2/3 partial casters, with only about 30% normal actually being a full caster.
  • Magic items are far more rare, and most never get beyond a + 2 enchantment. + 3 items are seen as an “Artifact” of immense power. Enchantments within an LCM are not nearly as “flashy” as other campaigns, and in fact many times the wielder of an enchanted item may not even realize they possess one. IE; The elven long bow simply possesses a great range (distance), or the katana is very sharp (Keen), or the dwarven war hammer deals devastating critical hits (+ 4 crit confirmation).
  • Variant rules are in place for both magic and combat.

* Our campaign uses the Slow Progression xp chart. Any NPC / PC above 10th level is very rare, with a campaign hard cap at 13th level. Most of the people in the world are illiterate commoners with only 1 – 3 levels.

* Experience is tracked as a group, with everyone leveling up their characters at the same time (typically between adventure sessions). Freebie Points (also called “Hero Points” in some games) are used to track individual accomplishments and success.

* math fractions are always rounded in favor of the players

The Wealth by Level (WBL) The Wealth by Level system has been removed from the LCM ruleset. Magic items are extremely rare in the campaign, and encounters / monsters have been likewise scaled to account this change.

Alignment has been relaxed greatly and now is merely a reflection of a character's general outlook, religion or philosophy on life. Spells which detect alignment, or otherwise target based on alignment no longer function or only target members who are for / against a given faith. Spells which target "evil", now specifically target Undead, Demons/Devils, and similar creatures.

The following websites contain all of the OGL material and account for about 95% of all material in the campaign:

The Gods most commonly worshipped in the campaign are: Angradd (Dwarf), Gorum, Iomedae, Torag (Dwarf) 

The campaign setting – A little about the area of Lastwall, who are the neighbors, etc

What are the implications of a low magic setting compared to a normal d20 campaign?

Converting the LCM back to a full 20 level campaign

Races of Lastwall – a few notes on racial optimizations that I noticed while building characters which fit their “feel” and theme

Character Generation – critical – use this stuff!

Skills and Feats

Spells and Magic – critical – use this stuff!

Magic Items

Combat – critical – use this stuff!

Death, Damage and Healing – critical – use this stuff!

Freebie – Hero Points

For higher level characters (usually above 6th level within the campaign) the option for Followers and Hirelings become one to consider as a possible option.

Golarion – Factions and Groups

The Campaign History and Adventures so far

Creatures Unique to the Campaign


200 Pieces of advice for "Winning" the game

Optional rules I'm playing with, none of which has been implemented so don't freak out 

Useful links can be found here.

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