Races of Lastwall

The races available as PC’s in the campaign are Human, Elf (High Elf & Forlorn: Wood Elf), Halfling, Dwarf, 1/2 elf, 1/2 orc. Please note that Gnomes are the only race from the Core Rule book not allowed as they do not fit well with LCM Campaign framework.

High Elves

The elves that did not escape the Cataclysm by disappearing back into the First World are called Forlorn by their High Elf brothers. The term basically implying that those left behind were unfortunates, however not all such “Forlorn” agree. In fact many of those who remained behind would form deep connections with the wild woods of Golarion and become known as Wood Elves. For these elves Primal Casters such as Ranger and Druid classes are more common than arcane or divine casters such as Mage or Priest based classes.

Magus: Spell Dancer
Magus: Eldritch Archer

Wood Elves
Wood Elves in LCM campaigns replace much of the halfling and elven population in more wooded areas. Human cities and nearby farm lands will still hold halfling shires, and the elven cities, armies, etc will still be populated by high elves.

Wood elves are shorter than high elves (some standing no taller than a halfling at about 3ft tall) although they can get as tall as 4ft in some tribes.

Wood elves gain the following racial bonuses:
+ 2 survival, + 2 stealth, and + 2 Knowledge Nature.
They have low light vision out to 60 feet.
+ 2 dexterity and either a +2 wisdom or +2 constitution, – 2 (4?) Intelligence, – 2 (4?) charisma when dealing with non-elves or halflings.

The – 4 stats may be Flaw driven granting additional bonuses for being “Arcane Adverse” for example, and thus granting some benefit such as a bonus vs arcane spells (perhaps of a specific school).

Wood Elves are proficient with Short Bow, Sling, short spear, and javelin as racial hunting weapons. When using these weapons against Orcs, goblins, and related folks they gain a + 1 bonus to hit.

Wood Elves may draw background traits from elves, as well as from halfling or gnomes so long as it is non-magical in nature and remains within the character concept of the culture of the Wood Elf.

Favored classes for Wood Elf are barbarian, ranger and druid. Arcane casters among the Wood Elves are all but unheard of (hence their Intelligence and Charisma penalty).

The LCM Wood Elves are heavily inspired by the elves from the ElfQuest series (without their telepathic abilities), the wild elves (grugach) of Greyhawk, and the Kagonesti, ‘Wilder Elves’ of the Dragonlance setting.

Culturally the Wood Elves revere the high elves, looking upon them as a royal figures, and the royal family as nearly angelic. Wood Elves commonly serve as the border patrols within the forests that surround Elven cities. Wood Elves commonly make use of animal mounts such as wolves, dinosaur raptors (within Fangwood Forest), etc.

LCM Wood Elves may have a unique ability to detect high elves of royal elven blood, such as seeing them with a golden aura about them similar to a detect magic effect. This could explain their reverence for the royal family, and might pose something of a social embarrassment if dealing with a royal bastard. This could also play into why they are not welcome at the larger parties thrown by the socialites of the elven elite.

High Elves by comparison:
The High Elves see the WE as their barbaric cousins which bonded too closely with the material plane, loosing their connection to the Fey First World. In this regards the High Elves absorb much of the description of the Gnomes without the extremely chaotic nature so frequently associated with more typical gnomes in standard campaigns. High Elves could take campaign appropriate racial traits of Gnomes (requiring DM approval). Gnomes as a race are not present in the campaign.

Anyway, there is the basic concepts I’m working with for the Wood Elves (and to a lesser extend the High Elves). Yes I could simply grab the stats associated with the elves of the aforementioned other campaign settings and they would likely work just fine, however I was curious as to what our community of elf lovers would come up with.


Dwarves and Oread are much closer in concept within LCM campaigns than they are in most canon campaigns. As such Dwarven characters may take any of the racial packages from either race interchangeably. This applies to Stat packages as well are racial traits. In the case of the stat packages the dwarven package or the Oread package must be taken as a group (one or the other), archetypes and back ground traits however may be taken on a pick and choose basis.

NOTE: Dwarves have a strong aversion to arcane magic and thus backgrounds and traits which emphasize such are not appropriate for the campaign.

The Dwarves are the only race to have mastered the techniques of black powder weapons. This includes primitive blunderbuss, musket, pistol, siege engine cannons and explosives such as black powder grenades and mines. The most advanced black powder weapons available to the players are the double barrel musket or pistol and grenades and mines, all of which must be made as masterwork items.

In order to use these weapons requires Exotic Weapon: Pistol, Musket, etc (each must be taken separately) and the Gunsmithing feat, otherwise the weapon is completely unusable and will literally explode in the face of anyone attempting to use it. Firearms have a fumble range of 1 – 3. Due to the rarity of firearms, most who make use of the weapons will also learn the Alchemy skill to craft their own ammunition. LCM firearms use normal attack rolls (vs touch attacks). Anyone not a dwarf with the appropriate class (alchemist or gunslinger) who attempt to operate such explosives and firearms are about 90% likely to blow themselves up.

Dwarves consider the secret of black powder to be among their most closely guarded secrets and while they are happy to employ these secrets in the service of others they do not share how such things are made…ever.

Breastplates, Heavy Shields and black powder grenades are the most common equipment for a front line warrior. Dwarven favored weapons include the broad sword (long sword stats), dwarven war axe and the war hammer or maul. These are considered racial weapons and all dwarves begin game play with a bonus proficiency in any one of these weapons (players choice). Further due to long standing racial hatreds and specialized training all dwarves gain a + 1 in their attack rolls against orks, goblins, ogres or hobgoblins. Weapons with the word “Dwarven” in their name are classified as exotic and require the exotic weapon proficiency in order to use at their full capacity, for dwarves however such weapons are simply martial weapons.

Dwarven Fighters – see also Unbreakable
Dwarven Fighter – see also Armor Master
Dwarven Fighter – See also Phalanx Soldier
Dwarven Barbarian – see also Armored Hulk
Dwarven Barbarian – see also Invulnerable Rager
Dwarven Barbarian – see also Bezerker

Custom Races of the LCM – Work in Progress

Races of Lastwall

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