Races of Lastwall

The races available as PC’s in the campaign are Human, Elf (High Elf & Forlorn: Wood Elf), Halfling, Dwarf, 1/2 elf, 1/2 orc. Please note that Gnomes are the only race from the Core Rule book not allowed as they do not fit well with LCM Campaign framework.


The elves that did not escape the Cataclysm by disappearing back into the First World are called Forlorn by their High Elf brothers. The term basically implying that those left behind were unfortunates, however not all such “Forlorn” agree. In fact many of those who remained behind would form deep connections with the wild woods of Golarion and become known as Wood Elves. For these elves Ranger and Druid classes are more common than Magus or Mage classes.

Magus: Spell Dancer
Magus: Eldritch Archer


Dwarves and Oread are much closer in concept within LCM campaigns than they are in most canon campaigns. As such Dwarven characters may take any of the racial packages from either race interchangeably. This applies to Stat packages as well are racial traits. In the case of the stat packages the dwarven package or the Oread package must be taken as a group (one or the other), archetypes and back ground traits however may be taken on a pick and choose basis. NOTE: Dwarves traditionally have a strong aversion to arcane magic and thus backgrounds and traits which emphasize such are not appropriate for the campaign.

The Dwarves are the only race to have mastered the techniques of Dwarven Bronze (a replacer for Adamantite). Humans who have tried to work with the material typically come up with normal bronze items, a fact which the dwarves find a laughable failure of human craftsmanship.

Dwarves in an LCM campaign have a distinctive “Romanesque” flavor to them (unlike most settings where they tend to favor a Viking flavor). This shows itself in everything from their style of combat to their style of dress and craftsmanship. That being said there are still many areas which Dwarves are NOT like their roman counterparts, such as their common usage of chainmail or their reliance on crossbows over bows or javelins. Breastplates and Heavy Shields are the most common equipment for a front line warrior. Dwarven favored weapons include the broad sword (long sword stats), Dwarven War Axe or Battle Axe, and the War Hammer. These are considered racial weapons and dwarves are always considered proficient with at least on of these and gain both proficiency in their usage and a + 1 in their attack rolls against orks. Weapons with the world “Dwarven” in their name are classified as exotic and require the exotic weapon proficiency in order to use at their full capacity. The Dwarven Broadsword is based on the longsword, and the Dwarven War Axe is based on the Battle Axe.

Among Dwarven Paladin the spells Ironskin and Ironbeard are favorites.

Dwarven Fighters – see also Unbreakable
Dwarven Fighter – see also Armor Master
Dwarven Fighter – See also Phalanx Soldier
Dwarven Barbarian – see also Armored Hulk
Dwarven Barbarian – see also Invulnerable Rager
Dwarven Barbarian – see also Bezerker

Custom Races of the LCM – Work in Progress

Races of Lastwall

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