Rules of the House

Ok guys the Rules of the House are mostly common sense sorta stuff, but I felt it best to have them said up front so everyone is on the same page:

There is no easy way to say this, so let me just put this up front:
Please do NOT bring children to game night.

No Smoking in the house.
I have a nice deck outside, feel free to smoke there. Use a can or something for the butts and please do not flick them into the yard.

Dinner Time:
Normally we will do something for dinner such as the typical ordering of pizza or something. Occasionally we may expand this to something akin to a pot luck, but that will be scheduled in advance. Please be prepared to chip in +/- $5 for such, or bring something to share like beverages, etc.

Occasionally I will volunteer to cook, please be aware that I enjoy cooking but do tend to make things a bit spicy (some would argue very spicy). As such if you don’t like spicy foods or have any food allergies please let me know ahead of time and I will adjust what I prepare accordingly.

If you have any allergies please let me know ahead of time and I’ll of course accommodate as best we can. I do not have cats, or dogs and my home is a non-smoker house hold so these should not pose any allergy issues.

  • Please No Cell phones, texting, etc at the gaming table.
  • Alot of work goes into preparing for the game every week, so please be on time, or call if you’re going to be late.
  • No drugs / Alcohol.
  • Real life happens and crap goes wrong, if you need to sit out a session or two you don’t have to go into details but please simply communicate that you need some down time.

Please do NOT bring children to game night.

Rules of the House

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