Hello and Welcome to the Obsidian Portal for Lazlo’s Colorado Springs Pathfinder Campaign!

I have set up this page as a central location for the House Rulz & Campaign story line which are present at my gaming table. Make no mistake, there is alot of material here, and that is the very reason for this web based resource. Some of my dearest friends unfortunately had to move far away and have often asked about the campaign events and the house rulz specifically. Here you go guys, I hope you enjoy!

For those of you actually playing in the campaign please note that the material contained here should be given the same weight as the PathFinder Core Rule Books, and indeed over rule that material.

Most of the information you will be looking for can be found here Wiki or by using the link to the left hand side of this page (or top of page if you are using a mobile device).

If you are new to campaign, welcome!! If you are a returning player please make sure you actually read this material. Alot has changed since the last campaign.

If we are playing at my home please observe the Rules of the House.

Lazlo COS Pathfinder

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