Welcome to the LCM Ruleset

a D20 Low Magic Variant for Pathfinder

I have set up this page as a central location for the LCM Ruleset & Campaign story line which are present in my home game. This project pulls heavily from d20 variant material across many topics such as Character Creation, Magic, Combat and a few others. This means the campaign will deviate heavily from a normal D20 Pathfinder campaign and in fact is better thought of as a D20 Low Fantasy Environment than as a Pathfinder overhaul. As such players will have to learn a different style of game play which may feel very unfamiliar at first.

Benchmarks for the campaign setting include:
Lord of the Rings – by JRR Tolkein
Witcher I – III Video Games
Game of Thrones (HBO) / Song of Ice & Fire (George Martin)
Grim-N-Gritty 3.3 by Ken S. Hood

Things which should be expected of the campaign:

  • Magic items are extremely rare
  • Spell casters make up less than 2% of the population of the world (fully 1/2 of which are Alchemists). Roughly 85% of all casters are only able to cast 3rd level spells or lower. 70% of Casters are Divine casters / 30% Arcane. Roughly 80% of all casters are partial casters.
  • Character Level hard cap is 13th level (level 10 for NPCs)
  • Spell levels are hard capped at 6th level (5th level for NPCs)
  • Curative magic isn’t as good
  • There are no spells which raise the dead
  • Teleportation magic is rare and severely limited in scope.
  • Many spells have been rewritten or eliminated to better fit the campaign setting
  • Racial and Class restrictions are in place (see the character creation section for more on this)
  • Combat is FAR more dangerous.
  • Encounters have been scaled to account for these changes
  • All changes effect both PC & NPC alike

This document is large and I suggest allowing a solid day or two to review the material before trying to sit down and run through an LCM game for the first time.

Lazlo COS Pathfinder - Low Magic

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