Welcome to the LCM Ruleset

a D20 Low Magic Variant for Pathfinder 1.0

I have set up this page as a central location for the LCM Ruleset & Campaign story line which are present in my home game. This project pulls heavily from d20 variant material across many topics such as Character Creation, Magic, Combat, Monsters, etc in order to create a low magic fantasy environment.

Benchmarks for the campaign setting include:
Lord of the Rings – by JRR Tolkein
Witcher I – III Video Games, books & Netflix TV series
Game of Thrones (HBO) / Song of Ice & Fire (George Martin)
The Last Kingdom (Netflix original series)
Medieval Europe from the end of the dark ages to the first half of the Crusades (800 ad to about 1100 AD)

Things which should be expected of the campaign:

  • The campaign is a low magic world setting which is more closely aligned with something out of the Witcher or HBO’s Game of Thrones than it is a more traditional fantasy setting such as WoTC’s “Forgotten Realms” or Blizzard Entertainments “World of Warcraft”.
  • Player characters have a maximum level of E12 (level 10 for NPCs)
  • Racial Options, Classes, spells, etc all have limitations put in place to reflect the campaign’s low magic themes.
  • All changes effect both PC’s & NPC’s alike.
  • Monster encounters have been adjusted to account for the low magic campaign setting.
  • Magic items in this setting have been largely replaced by alchemical, masterwork or exotic items. Scrolls, potions, wands and similar “spell battery” magic items have been almost entirely removed from the campaign. If you want access to magic, you’d better learn how to cast it.
  • Parties may not contain more than two casters, and they may not be drawn from the same type of magic (Arcane, Divine, Primal)
  • Alchemist have become the “go to” casters in the campaign and represent a full 50% of all casters.
  • Multi-classing has been reworked to allow for a maximum of 2 classes with a level disparity of not greater than 2:1. Only one spell casting class allowed in a multi-class combo.
  • Not all spells are allowed in the campaign. For example, there are no spells above 6th level, no 0 level spells, necromancy is limited to NPC antagonists, teleportation and raise dead are severely limited in scope.
  • Alignments (although still present) have been reduced to a personality type which is no longer detectable, nor a factor which can be targeted, by spells.

Taken together these changes create a low magic world which emphasizes the actions and choices of the player characters over what spells or magic items do they possess.

Specifics on all of the above (and much more) can be found under the “wiki” link on the left side of this page.

Lazlo COS Pathfinder - Low Magic

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