Lazlo COS Pathfinder - Low Magic

Welcome to your Adventure Log!
Meeting in Jasper Village

Greetings guys. Our campaign is live and I’m recruiting players!

In our first sessions we are creating characters and doing a basic introduction of each other.

Most of the PC’s will already know each other in some way (trained with each other, went on patrol together, friends, same temple / religion, etc)

First adventure:

Gather at the local tavern for a meal, hang with friends and run into some of the local military (specifically Stilgar and Malhavoc) who chat with them about current events.

Most of the soldiers are on the front lines near one of the three major Forts, and a farmer has come into town complaining that wild animals and undead are attacking his farm. As the farmers are the life blood of the military it is considered important, but hasn’t yet gotten enough attention to warrant a Knight of Ozem patrol to go check it out.

Stilgar turns to the party, “What about you guys?”


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