Elf Princess - Magus - Rides the giant owls



LvL 9
Class: Magus (Alt: Ranger or Paladin)
Rides the Giant Owls on long range aerial recon night missions
Extraction / Insertion ops

Arina (and her Owl) went missing over Belkzen while doing a night time aerial recon mission. Neither she nor the bird can be located by magical scrying, nor attempts at communing with the dead. She is currently assumed dead by the elders of Lastwall’s war councils. Her loss sparked Retgar (and many other elves) to come to Lastwall and join the fight against the Orc Hordes of Belkzen and the Tomb of the Whispering Tyrant.

The leaders of Lastwall still consider her recovery (or news of her confirmed death) to be a top priority as news one way or the other could mean further support from the Elves, or the complete loss of it entirely.

Specialized Magic: Through Arina’s spells she is able to mentally bond with her giant owl mount and thus see the world through it’s powerful senses and anticipate it’s movements during daring areal maneuvers.


Noble elf woman of a prestigious family. Currently MIA (presumed dead) in operations in Belkzen. Actively sought by Retgar, Ariyanna and Drax Mora.


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