Tattoo'd Wizard - Demonologist - Mortekei's friend



Mage: Conjurer 8 (alt: Sorcerer w/ dark bloodline)

Argulen is an expert on the planes and conjuration in general. He is originally from Cheliax and is a long time friend of the Lord General Mortekei. Mortekei’s wife Kaeko however does not trust him and is openly hostile towards him due to his association with demons. Argulen argues that he summons demons to attack the forces of evil and while his tactics are definitely controversial none may argue that it is effective.

The leaders at Vigil fear that his summoning will only serve to hasten the awakening of the Whispering Tyrant, to which Argulen is quick to point out, “He was never asleep.”

Argulen is in fact a generally decent guy however his choice of summoning magic will likely be his undoing, or get him burned at the stake by fearful locals.

Argulen’s presence is generally considered a bad omen by most as his primarily focuses on demonic / undead threats to the kingdom vs the Lord-General Mortekei who focuses on martial threats.



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