Drax Mora

Ranger - deep recon operating in Belkzen



7th LvL Ranger Commando – deep recon / insurgent cell in Belkzen
+2 Comp Longbow w/ Distance Enchant
orc style furs and leather armor

(feat) leadership

Long range recon into Belkzen is Drax’s main theater of operation. In addition to standard recon and intelligence gathering on enemy movements, Drax is responsible for recruiting orc and 1/2 orcs for covert raids on enemy camps. Gives the orcs the illusion that there is greater hostility between the various tribes, and keeping them at each others throats.

Drax is a dark man whose personality borders on chaotic evil. Drax has spent so much time around the savage orcs of Belkzen that he has come to think of it as “normal”. It is highly unlikely that he would be able to integrate back into the more civilized societies such as his homeland of Lastwall, or that he would even want to. With more than a decade already spent in Belkzen, Drax tends to take his lovers from among the half-orc women in the region.

Drax takes his orders indirectly from the Lord-General Mortekei of the BattleMages (although he does not know this) and is thus is not associated with Lastwall’s official command at Vigil. Drax receives his orders via a magic ritual which is performed every couple of weeks where he throws a handful of magical dust into a fire and calls forth a vision of “the General”. Another form of communication is when he will get a direct message via Sending or a from a Dream with acute clarity which will give him information about dangers in the area or will convey to him sensitive information needed to carry on his mission.

Should Drax miss this appointment by more than a few days another operative (whom he has never seen before) shows up to check on him. Because of this Drax has an impression that there are dozens of similar cells to his own operating in Belkzen. It is also this same process which has saved Drax’s life more than once when unexpected reinforcements suddenly showed up.

Drax is under the constant effect of both a Geas spell, and a long term Status spell. These spells allow Mortekei to keep a close eye on both his movements and to ensure he does not become a rogue agent deep in enemy territory.

Drax’s primary mission in Belkzen is to sow the seeds of mistrust, fear, and hostility between the orc tribes. To this end Drax has recruited his team from mostly orc and half-orc tribal outcasts, thus allowing them to raid orc camps disguised as members of other rival orc factions.

Drax has an excellent mind for his mission in Belkzen and chooses his targets carefully. He typically sneaks deep into the territory of an Orc faction and targets a weak point in their defenses. Sometimes this is a civilian target, sometimes it is a prominent leader, and other times it is a strategic point such as a bridge or a supply line. Once identified, the decision is made on how to take out the target while making it look like the work of a rival tribal faction.

Drax is a very effective military leader considering most of his crew are Orc, or half Orc and only a few humans. He recruits from the Orc and half-orc populations who have been rejected from their tribes, or otherwise have an axe to grind with at least one other orc faction or tribe. They are typically told that they are being given the chance to strike back at their enemies and thus spend little time questioning the larger strategy behind their targets.

NOTE: Drax is one of the very few humans known to speak fluent Orc.


Drax Mora

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