Dragon - Enormous Fire Dragon, Titan


-ancient dragon of earth and fire
-lives in an active volcanoe

-allie of Mortekei who share info of the outside world in exchange for knowledge to the secrets of arcane fire magic – spell LVL 7 – 9

-created by the Titans themselves, and as such is nearly a titan in his own right

volcanoe is a portal to the elemental plane of fire, as such has salamandre’s and elementals about

- Granamere’s alignment could be best thought of as CN / CE. Yet he is sullen and simply doesn’t wish to leave his volcanoe

- bargained with the gods not to stand on the side of his creators if they agreed to simply leave him the hell alone. there is NOT an agreement about his offering them any help, nor alliance, merely that he would not support his fathers (the titans)

- reveals to Elandra the secret of her birth

- open hostility with Dorren and the dwarves (who think of him much like a Balrog) – Granamere appears (by name) in their early legends regarding the Titans and their spawn of evil upon the world – they have highly detailed pictures and carvings of him upon the rock walls of Burok Torn – Granamere was created by Moradin to be a general of terror for the titans and he bred no love even for his own dwarven people into such a beast. How was it then that Granamere rose above such open hostility for life to simply wishing to be left alone?

- Granamere’s version of a peaceful death: stay in his volcanoe until it finally cools over eons, and he along with it, until he can at last simply fuse with the rock once more and sleep til the world itself grows dark.

Black Dragon – female
1/2 demonic
doesn’t speak
no eyes – “senses through a form of life / aura sense”
limited telepathy
dark colored
live in swamps & under ground chambers / water filled
-acid damage shld
-spray acid breath wpn

camo in dark / wet / rocky arears
hide / stalk prey
toy with freighten / wounded enemies
teeth are clear / crystaline

skin not scaled – strong / hard until outer surface is breached


Other Dragons might include:

dracolich that drops maggots which attack party as it is damaged

Earth – Rock elemental template + DR/- + Rock Breath Weapon – eggs = geo

Fire – Heat AOE @ 1/2 + BREATH WEAPON

Lightening – AOE @ 1/2 + Breath Weapon

Gas / Air / incorporeal – Gas area effect (combine with weather effects?)

Acid / Black / Alien – acid damage shield

ICe – AOE @ 1/2 + BREATH WEAPON – freeze in place/ slippery floor – environmental change

shadow – invis except w/in shadows – detect invis works



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