Halfling - Raemon's Wife, Crossbow Sharp Shooter, Ranger Commander


(Crossbow / Battle Scout) Ranger 8

- Ranger Commander at Castle Everstand
- Scoped Double Crossbow sharp shooter
- very attractive Halfling woman with long curly red hair

Crossbow Ranger: If the ranger selects crossbow style, he can choose from the following list whenever he gains a combat style feat: Deadly Aim, Focused Shot, Precise Shot, and Rapid Reload. At 6th level, he adds Crossbow Mastery and Improved Precise Shot to the list. At 10th level, he adds Pinpoint Targeting and Shot on the Run to the list.

Battle Scout (Archetype)
Armies need clean water, safe routes, and intelligence about their enemies. Though regular outdoorsmen might suffice in many cases, some large forces look to battle scouts to keep the body of their troops safe and prepared for the terrain and whatever dangers that terrain hides.

Hunter’s Bond (Ex): At 4th level, when a battle scout gains the hunter’s bond ability, he must choose to bond with his companions. Battle scouts do not have animal companions.

Advantageous Terrain (Ex): At 5th level, when a battle scout is within one of his favorite terrains, he can spend up to 3 consecutive rounds studying an area of terrain to gain the benefits below. Each round of studying terrain is a standard action. During the first round of studying terrain, the battle scout designates a 60-foot-radius-burst area from a single square within line of sight. Depending on how many rounds the battle scout spends studying the area, he or his allies gain the following benefits for 10 minutes per ranger level he possesses. (For example, if he spends 2 rounds, he or his allies gain the first two benefits.)

1st Round: Allies within line of sight and that can hear the battle scout gain a +2 bonus on initiative checks while within the advantageous terrain area.

2nd Round: Allies within line of sight and that can hear the battle scout gain a +2 on Perception, Stealth, and Survival checks while within the advantageous terrain area.

3rd Round: The battle scout’s movement is not hampered by difficult terrain while within the advantageous terrain area. Furthermore, the battle scout can take 10 on Climb and Swim checks and checks to jump while within the area, even when in immediate danger or distracted. This ability replaces the ranger’s second favored enemy.


Kaitlyn is a very attractive Halfling woman in her late 20’s with long curly red hair who stands about 3 ft tall. She is happily married to Raemon, and a border patrol Ranger Commander of the Rangers of Lastwall who operate out of Castle Everstand. Kaitlyn is a highly skilled archer who favors the scoped double crossbow as her primary weapon.

Kaitlyn is currently tasked with running missions south of Kestel River and west to the mountain slopes. This region was originally Lastwall territory but over the past several decades has fallen to orc forces and they now hold all of the eastern slope of the Mindspin mountains all the way south to the border of Nirmathas. Kaitlyn is a shrewd special forces ranger officer and is never foolish enough to take on such mission by herself and thus when encountered in the field will always have a team of Ranger (rogues, scouts, rangers, etc) with her ranging in level from 3 – 5th.

Kaitlyn’s History

Kaitlyn is unique in my campaign in that she was born as human. During one of her adventures into Belkzen however her party was forced to undertake a challenge to defeat a Shadow Drake in order to gain audience with an orc goddess said to grant visions or boons to anyone who could pass her challenge. Kaitlyn simply did not survive this test. Many miles away Raemon instantly knew of her death, abandoned the mission he was on and went to find her.

Raemon reasoned that since she had fallen while searching for a God, and it is said that the Gods will grant a single request from completing this challenge, then if he could find her and complete the challenge himself that she could be returned to him…assuming he survived the challenge that is.

Raemon not only passed the test, but was granted audience with the orc goddess. The goddess appeared as a very old orc female and told Rae that while she sympathized for the loss of his friend, their relationship had never been complete. Although Raemon and Kaitlyn loved each other, she was a human and he was a halfling, thus fate had decreed that they would forever remain platonic friends. The goddess stated that she simply would not return Kaitlyn to such a broken life.

Moments later Raemon walked out of the cave carrying a living but unconscious form wrapped in his cloak, and all but hidden from the prying eyes of the members of Kaitlyn’s party. The body that Raemon had carried out however was not that a of human woman, which would have been much too large for Rae to carry, but was the size of a human child. As Raemon passed the camp of Kaitlyn’s surviving party members he said not a word, he simply glared at each of them in turn for a moment as he passed through. In his silent glare they could clearly see the anger written across his face, and knew without a doubt that he held them fully responsible for her death and if any of them were to speak a single word he would likely stop and murder all of them them where they stood. As he continued past the fire at the center of the camp Krysis (a wood elf Rogue) caught sight of Kaitlyn’s signature red curly hair as it fell free of the cloak and the slightest movement of life from within its folds.

Thus it was that Raemon left the camp with his package and mounted the saddled griffon that anxiously waited for him at the far side of the clearing. Once they were securely strapped into the saddle, the griffon took to the night sky with a single flap of its powerful wings and disappeared into the dark expanse.

Since that day the members of Kaitlyn’s ill fated party have kept a very large birth away from Raemon. Two of them have died in other Ranger missions, and a couple of others have simply left Lastwall to pursue other missions or interests. Rae still carries a deep grudge against the members of the team, yet to his credit has never tried to take revenge against them.

Kaitlyn has remained close to her human sister, although due to memory loss associated with her reincarnation she has lost much of the memories of her former life. As a result the close family connections with the rest of her human family have faded into obscurity, allowing both her and her former human family to move on. These days Kaitlyn and Katrina (her younger sister by birth) refer to each other as “big sis” and “little sis” with Kaitlyn being the “little sis”. Kaitlyn really has no memories of Katrina as a “sister” however, merely someone she is close to and loves dearly.


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