Mother Superior - High Priestess of Iomedae in Vigil


Age: 53
WarPriest of Iomedae 10
Mentor and close friend of Elandra.
High Priestess of Iomedae at the Main Temple of Vigil.


Unlike Lady Elandra, Mother Superior is definitely not a pacifist and is more than willing to wade into battle along side her troops.

Mother Superior works closely with angelic summoning and the church Inquisitors. She is very active with the Knights of Ozem in making certain the Whispering Tyrant stays well contained within his tomb.

Mother Superior holds a certain resentment towards Lord Gauntwood of Castle Everstand for his out spoken desires to purge Lastwall’s traditionally held territory of the presence of the orcs from Belkzen Hold. She feels such a charismatic leader could distract Lastwall’s forces away from their true mission as the gate keepers of the Tyrant’s tomb.


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