Lord-General Mortekei

Lord-General of the BattleMages, Military Strategic Genius


11th Lvl Mage: Evoker
Race: Human
Alignment: LN
(Original) Homeland: Chelaxian
Current Home: Lastwall (Castle Firrine)
Status: Noble of the Cheliaxian House Leroung (based in Westcrown), BattleMage Lord-General, former Precentors Martial under Watcher-Lord Marcus, Commander of Castle Firrine


In alignment the Lord-General Mortekei is a solid Lawful Neutral in personality. He is a very powerful man with a strong will and a solid dose of “don’t fuck with me”. In spite of his hard edges, the Lord-General can be surprisingly diplomatic and is generally held in very high regard by those who work directly with him. Part of the reason for this is while he can be very demanding, he empowers his people to make good choices and then supports them with the choices they make.

Due to the decades he has spent in Lastwall he has fallen in love with its people and culture and come to think it as his second home.

Mortekei has short silver hair which he usually wears combed back. His eyes are a strange pale blue which glow a brightly when angered or casting magic. Mortekei’s Evocation spells tend to manifest as a cold burning blue fire. The Lord-General favors black clothing with gold threading and fixtures, and prefers the double breasted long coats typical of the BattleMages as both a sign of office and for casual wear. The Lord-General is typically seen wearing an ornate gold ring on his right hand with the family crest of the Chelaxian Noble House Leroung, and a finely crafted gold holy symbol of Aroden discretely tucked into his shirt.

The Lord-General Mortekei appears to be to in good health and in his early 50’s however nothing could be further from the truth. Mortekei is in fact over 260 years old (a fact which is known to very few) and suffers from a bizarre curse which keeps him young by basically washing away the passage of years anytime he receives the miracle of divine healing magic. It is said that over 200 hundred years ago that there was some horrific battle with an unknown demon which shattered both his mind and soul. It took years for Mortekei’s mind to mend and left him with the undying curse.

The Lord-General Mortekei is the preeminent BattleMage of Lastwall, and until recently the Precentor Martial for Magic under Watcher-Lord Marcus of Vigil for military tactics and strategy. Under whose rule his strategic genius and military advice was well received and afforded him a position of prestige and honor in Lastwall. With the appointment of the current Watcher-Lord Ulthun II, and his appointment of Marius to the position of Precentors Martial however all of that was soon to change.

It was at this point that the Lord-General knew his days at the BattleMage Academy of Vigil (the BattleMage headquarters for all of Lastwall) would be limited. The simple truth is that from the first moment he laid eyes on the new the Precentors Martial, he knew that he hated Marius with a murderous level of contempt. On the other hand, he has always held Ulthun II in surprisingly high regard considering the man’s young age, and even voted for his appointment with the other elder council members to appoint him to the position of Watcher-Lord.

Out of respect of the Watcher-Lords (both Marcus and Ulthun), and to avoid bloodshed with Marius, Mortekei relinquished his position as Precentor Martial in favor of his student Veena. He has since moved the BattleMage official headquarters to Castle Firrine where he now sits on The Council with Dorryn, and Lady Elandra, Raemon and Kaitlyn. Given that most of The Council share the Lord-General’s misgivings about Marius, Mortekei has actually issued a standing order that there is to be no “accidental assassinations” of the man. On the other hand, he has also put a standing order for everyone from the BattleMages to the Rangers to investigate Marius at any opportunity to find out what he is really about. In his gut Mortekei knows that there is something simply not right about Marius and he is determined to find out what.

For his part the retired Watcher Lord Marcus immediately reached out to the Lord-General as soon as he heard of the trouble between the two men and begged Mortekei to remain at Vigil as his military insights were simply too valuable to lose. Mortekei admitted that he had not intended on abandoning Lastwall to its fate but would relocate to the front lines of the conflict with the orcs of Belkzen. Once that threat was successfully addressed more time and energy could be devoted to guarding the Whispering Tyrant’s Tomb at Gallowspire. After all, Mortekei argued, who is to say the Orcs aggressive push into Lastwall territory is not in fact the first signs of the Whispering Tyrant stirring in his restless slumber?

Mortekei is happily married to a young half elf woman (Kaeko) whom he rescued from the slavers auction while in his hometown of Westcrown. Kaeko is Fae blooded and as such there is no telling how old she is but she has appeared in her mid-20’s for the past several decades. Kaeko recently gave birth to their only child, a raven haired beauty of a girl named Lauralei with bright blue eyes. Even though she is but an infant she has already shown signs of Arcane talent.

Mortekei is a 11th Level BattleMage-Lord General, and a student of the Fire Dragon Granamere from whom he is learning advanced fire magic. That fact combined with his past service to the kingdom, his brilliant military tactics, his rank of Lord-General with the BattleMages (and former Rank as Precentors Martial) are the very reasons Lord Marius has not been able to move against Mortekei more openly. Marius on the other hand claims Mortekei has been subverted and is the leader of a cabal of worshipers of the Whispering Tyrant (or at best the Tyrant’s unwitting servants). Perhaps his prejudice against the Lord-General comes from Mortekei’s Cheliaxian background. One thing is for certain, should either of the two men prove to be right about the other it would mean all out war between them and anyone else who happened to get drug into the conflict (which would likely include most of Lastwall).

Lord-General Mortekei is from the Chelaxian Noble of House Leroung based out of Westcrown. Westcrown (an more generally Cheliax) has not been “home” for him for nearly 200 years and his family relations have grown distant during that time. After all, when you are 260 + years old it can be hard to relate to the concerns of younger members of the family.

Mortekei’s family holdings in Westcrown have managed to survive reasonably well given the current state of politics in Cheliax, largely because of the status of House Leroung as teachers and wizards (and their political neutrality).

Mortekei has no love for the current rule of Cheliax, and while he is smart enough not to start fights he can’t win, he would certainly throw his hat into the ring should an opportunity present itself to break Hell’s influence over his homeland and see a return to Imperial Cheliax.

Some of the Lord-Generals favorite possessions:

  • A 16 volume unabridged copy of the history of Cheliax which predate the Infernal era. NOTE: The mere possession of this collection would be considered high treason against the current ruling Queen of Cheliax and be enough to warrant attempts on his life.
  • An Imperial Cheliax flag (predates the Infernal Era).
  • A 3ft tall holy statue Aroden, and several high quality holy symbols of Aroden.
  • An original copy of the sacred text of Aroden, “The History and Future of Humanity” (seen depicted here: https://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/File:Clergy_of_Aroden.jpg )

Lord-General Mortekei

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