Ranger Commander of Castle Firrine


Halfling Ranger: Commando 5 / Rogue: Survivalist 6 -

Special Attack: 6d6 SA

Ranger Commander of Castle Firrine.
Halfling two weapon fighter – uses two matching +3 mithril Kukri with the stats of a rapier (1d6 damage, 18 – 20 threat, x 2 crit). The two Kukri are Dual-Balanced, Razor Sharp and Serrated.
+ 2 Studded Leather Camouflaged Armor( + 5 stealth in dark or forests)
MW Heavy Repeating Crossbow with Scope. Fond of the use of specialized bolts such as explosive, grappling hook, poisoned, etc.

Easy going sense of humor, comes across as a country hick / bumpkin. Never allow that to fool you however for while Raemon is a really awesome guy to his friends, his enemies know him as a stone cold killer.

Close friend of Lady Elandra, happily married to the Ranger Commander Kaitlyn of Castle Everstand, adoptive father to Baila.



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