Rangers of LastWall


The “Rangers” of Lastwall may actually be drawn from any class, they are typically lightly armored, are proficient in ranged attacks (magical or mundane) and have skills in Survival, Perception, and Stealth. They are a commando unit that focuses on the conflict with the Orcs of Belkzen and operate primarily out of Castle Firrine, Castle Everstand, and Trunau.

The powers that be in Vigil tend to frown on the Rangers as a whole for two reasons. They feel the mission of Lastwall as a whole is to guard against the Whispering Tyrant arising, and 2) they see the “Rangers” as a potentially dangerous group that could easily be used for domestic missions of assassination. The Rangers argue that their tactics have been very successful so far against the orcs and, and they have provided vital military intelligence to Vigil regarding not only the orcs but against other threats in the area.

The Rangers use relatively modern military tactics and are always monitored via magic such as Sending, Shield Other and Status while they are deployed. Their favored tactics involve the use of stealth skills and night time deployment via areal insertion from the Elven Giant Owls and Griffons. Once deep behind enemy lines they preform operations of assassination, sabotage, intelligence gathering and rescue operations.

Ranger: Battle Scout
Ranger: Commando
Rogue: Scout
Rogue: Survivalist

Rogue: Chemist
Rogue: Sniper
Druid: Nature’s Fang
Spell-Less Ranger
Alchemist: Saboteur
Alchemist: Sapper

Leadership within the Rangers

The Rangers are ultimately commanded by the BattleMage Lord-General Mortekei of Castle Firrine, who is oversees operations of deep recon in orc held territory lead by Commander Raemon. Second in command is Captain Thaum Gauntwood of Castle Everstand, who oversees border patrol operations lead by Commander Kaitlyn.

The Ranger Commanders, Raemon & Kaitlyn each have 3 – 5 teams teams out on missions at any given time, with each composed of four to six Rangers. Approximately one third of the Ranger force is held in reserve or on leave at any given time. In total there are about five dozen Rangers in the service of Lastwall to date. This figure is an estimate to account for both losses and new recruits.


Rangers of LastWall

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