Scout and troubleshooter for the Elven Queen


7th LvL Elven Magus: Kensai
NOTE: The Kensai has been modified under the LCM to allow for light armor. This is to better align with the Canny Defense class ability as per Duelist.

As a Forlorn who descended from the elves that remained behind during the Elven Retreat, Retgar is much more familiar with the modern world of Golarion than most of the High Born Elves. It is for this reason that he was chosen to accompany Arina as a scout and body guard.

Until recently Retgar had seen the majority of his battles defending ancient elven holding from those would-be treasure hunters who got too curious about any elven treasures that might still be laying around. With the return of the Elven High Born however, his position has changed to helping the elves understand how the world has changed while they were away. Initially he was not looking forward to the assignment, however the longer he has worked with Arina the more he has found a genuine love for her.

After his initial assessment of Lastwall he reported his findings to Queen Telandia Edasseril. Her orders were simple: “Come home, this is not a Elf concern. It is not our fight.” At which point Retgar considered the matter resolved and was ready to leave. Princess Arina on the other hand refused. She argued the need in Lastwall was great and vowed to stay to see if she could not help. And that was that. The other elves followed her lead, as opposed to abandoning the youngest daughter of the Queen in the middle of a war zone.

Recently Arina went missing during a high altitude scouting mission over orc held territory and Retgar has become increasingly anxious to find her. Worse yet is the fact that various divination magics have been attempted to locate her and all have failed. This tells Retgar that she is not simply late, something is wrong.



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