Current events in Lastwall

The relationship between Castle Everstand and Castle Firrine has grown closer over the years, and now they are active partners who support each other and take on joint operations against the Orcs of Belkzen whenever the opportunity arrises. As their relationship to each other has strengthened, the relations of both Castles to Lastwall’s de facto capital at Vigil have suffered.

Castle Everstand has come out marginally worse in its relationship with Vigil, arguably because they are more invested in the orc conflict due to their position on the front lines of the conflict. Everstand is located at the Western border of the region, they are frequently the first to encounter any orc aggressions, and thus constantly face the brunt of anything Belkzen would throw at them. Vigil is quick to point out that the reason for the founding of Lastwall as a nation is about defending the world from the Whispering Tyrant to the north and not about waging war with the orcs. Everstand retaliates that regardless of the history involved, Lastwall is still their home and one which even the Goddess Iomedae has blessed them in guarding.

Vigil takes the stand point that as the guardians of Whispering Tyrant, only a few miles to the north, their duty to the world must remained focused. After all, how can we be certain the orcs are not a distraction to take our attention off of the sacred charge to keep the Whispering Tyrant bound in his prison? To his credit the current leader of Vigil Watcher-Lord Ulthun II takes a very enlightened response to the tensions between the three sister holds and as such tolerates no disrespect be shown towards their people nor leadership during council meetings. As a gesture of this same respect no sanctions have been placed against them from entering Vigil or attending church services, trading, etc. Ulthun is convinced that the other holds simply need to be shown they are still a united front with different objectives but the same goals.

As for Firrine they have sided with the philosophy of Everstand and are now engaged in active operations to expel the orc forces who have already penetrated into the region of Lastwall (along it’s western border). Once this is accomplished it is a certainty their attentions will turn north, joining with Everstand, to penetrate the orc homeland of Belkzen. Interestingly enough the Council at Firrine agree with Vigil that the orcs are a tool of the Whispering Tyrant, but warn that they are a sign he is active again because his forces have penetrated so deeply into Lastwall’s territory and are posed for a hostile strike to weaken the guardians of the Gallowspire. Castle Firrine is now the seat for my ongoing story line and as such is a custom location.

Current events in Lastwall

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