Freebie - Hero Points

Freebie / Hero Points

Hero Points (also known as “Freebie Points”) were originally put in place to off set the fact that the party will level collectively as a part of “group experience”. A lot of players felt their individual achievements were thus not being recognized. Hero Points then are about recognizing good role play, good demonstration of team work, a good use of class skills, understanding of the core (or house) rules, when an experienced player assists a new player, etc. It is simply put my way of recognizing a job well done. You may also nominate another player for such a reward if you feel it is warranted (and suspect I may have over looked the obvious). No more than 3 Hero Points can ever be held at a given time however. Hero Points may not be traded (although you may defer to have the point awarded to another player at the time it is awarded).

Examples of how Hero Points have been previously used:

  • Discovering that you have a single shot ammo that is more powerful than normal (EX: Your normal arrow becomes an Exploding Arrow, has a web effect, etc)
  • Upgrading your spell to a more powerful version (Flaming Sphere upgraded to FireBall, or Dimension Door becomes Teleport, Teleport allows for more people to access the jump, Cure Light Wounds now has a 20’ radius, Channel Effect could remove fatigue / shaken style effects & become maximized, etc). Note that Teleport used in this faction as an “emergency evac” will be allowed if not abused.
  • Appling a free meta-magic feat
  • Changing the element of a spell (Fire to Cold)
  • Adding an element or additional effect to a spell (Web spell with a damage over time effect such as 2d6 acid damage for 3 rounds. A healing spell that adds a Sanctuary effect &/or removes conditions such as dazed, stunned and shaken, etc).
  • Gaining a feat for up to 3 rounds that you don’t normally have (such as whirlwind or a teamwork feat)
  • Completely halting the effects of poison / disease after the 1st round

Change a single dice value such as:

  • Declaring the next attack is an automatic hit & crit (does not work on boss characters)
  • Declaring a do over (“Do Overs” not allowed if the DM has already issued a warning against a specific action) for a single round
  • Automatically succeeding at a Fort save vs Massive Damage
  • Declaring any attack, or spell against you, including a crit or a special attack such as a breath weapon, completely missed you. A good example of this would be a Paladin calling upon his Deity for protection and walking out of the flames of the Dragon’s Breath attack unscathed only to issue his challenge to the beast!

Hero points are really best used for more cinematic effects that would typically simply be outside of your character’s ability. This is really more of a “story teller” / cinematic mode and is about moving the story / battle along. Hero points are not intended as tool for players to break campaign plot lines (“I spend a Hero points and one-shot kill Darth Vader!!”) but rather are about getting a “brighter spotlight” for a limited time.

Freebie - Hero Points

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