Class: Inquisitor – Base Class
Concepts and Roles within the campaign

Inquisitors within LCM Campaigns are typically investigators who seek out undead and demonic menaces which lurk in plain sight, or who lair near settlements and thus pose too great of a threat to be ignored. They are always closely connected to a local church of a typically good deity, although the Inquisitors themselves tend to be of neutral alignments, and thus are viewed with a certain degree of suspicion.

Deviations from the cannon D20 class

Add Tracking Mark to their first level spells.

Appropriate Archetypes
Cold Iron Warden
Green Faith Marshal
Witch Knight

Excorcist – not recommended because of campaign level limits and how late the majority of their class features become active

See also Cleric: Exorcist

For Inquisitors from the Temple of Iomedae see also Inquisition: Exorcism, True Death, & Final Rest.


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