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The LCM Ruleset

A D20 Pathfinder Low Magic Variant

Major Influences on the campaign setting:
D20 Pathfinder – Golarion
Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire
The Witcher books & video game series
Grim – n – Gritty by Ken Hood

The LCM Ruleset is based upon the D20 Pathfinder rules, however it has been overhauled to reflect an environment with significantly less magic, and much more gritty combat. The over all presence of magic (items, casters and creatures) world wide have been reduced to something closer to the campaign settings of the Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, or the Witcher video game series.

The campaign level cap is set at 13th level and a Slow xp progression is in place. 0 level spells / cantrips have been removed, and a maximum spell level of 6th level is in place.

Alignment has been reclassified as a characters general outlook, personality type, etc and thus are no longer a tangible thing which can be targeted or detected by magic.

Only core races are allowed, except for gnomes which do not fit into the campaign concept.

Magic items have 85% been replaced by high quality, alchemical or exotic items. Even when they do exist magic items are generally not as flashy as they would be in a standard campaign, and are generally reclassified as “high quality mundane items”. Examples would include an elven + 2 mithril sword (keen), or a Dwarven + 2 Breast Plate of Fortitude. These items are not considered “magic” but merely reflect the fact that they far exceed a level of quality commonly seen.

Languages are restricted to common + racial. Racial languages are never taught to non-members of the race. PC Half-Elves & Half-Orcs are assumed to have been raised in human communities and thus do not speak Elven or Orcish. Bonuses languages and linguistics skills ranks are much less valuable as a result.

LCM campaigns penalizes the concept of “dump stats” more heavily than most campaign settings due to the lack of magic items in the campaign to offset the weaknesses such builds tend to create. To re-balance this stat gains come at every even level for a total of 6 bonus points at level 12 vs 5 at level 20 in a canon Pathfinder game.

Multi-classing is restricted to 2 classes, with a 2:1 ratio maximum (Fighter 8 / Cleric 4) and restricted to only one spell caster class. This is specifically to prevent “splashing” or “dipping” across multiple classes for min / max meta-gaming purposes.

Prestige Classes are not allowed. Please use archetypes, feats, traits, etc for customization.

NOTE: the campaign demographics for an LCM campaign are very different than those found in a typical campaign.

  • Injuries, poison, disease & combat in general are all much more DANGEROUS under the LCM Ruleset. Critical hits can quickly end a fight, and surprise attacks (such as Bushwhacking, or a rogues sneak attack) can be deadly. High perception skills and paranoia are your friends!
  • Any special ability which are usable “once per day” is considered to automatically reset at the beginning of each gaming session regardless of how much time has passed in game.
  • Variant rules are in place for both magic and combat. Please be sure to review both of these sections carefully.

The following websites contain all of the OGL material:

The campaign setting – A little about the area of Lastwall, it’s history, who are the neighbors, etc

What are the implications of a low magic setting compared to a normal d20 campaign?

Races of Lastwall – a few suggestions on racial optimizations which stood out when I was building some of the NPC’s.

Custom Races of the LCM – Work in Progress

Character Generation – critical – Read this stuff!

Skills and Feats

Spells and Magic – critical – Read this stuff!

Magic Items

Combat – critical – Read this stuff!

Death, Damage and Healing – critical – Read this stuff!

Freebie – Hero Points

For higher level characters (usually above 6th level within the campaign) the option for Followers and Hirelings become one to consider as a possible option.

Golarion – Factions and Groups

The Campaign History and Adventures so far

Creatures Unique to the Campaign

Campaign Economics

200 Pieces of advice for "Winning" the game

Optional rules I'm playing with, none of which has been implemented so don't freak out 

Useful links can be found here.

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