Class: Paladin
Concepts and Roles within the campaign

Guardians of the Temple (most commonly that of Iomedae) and knights of the holds of Lastwall. Paladins are some of the most highly capable and decorated Knights Lastwall produces.

Deviations from the cannon D20 class

  • Paladin’s Detect Evil has converted to Detect Demon/Devils & Undead as a general / vague sense of unease which intensifies with the strength of the aura in question (based upon HD/CR of the creature being studied) and how close they are.
  • Paladin’s gain Skill Focus: Sense Motive at 1st level.
  • Paladins gain Hero’s Defiance as a supernatural ability at 4th level usable 1 time per day + 1 per 4 levels
  • Paladins may not use ranged weapons such as a Bow, Crossbow or sling. Thrown weapons such as a javelin are still allowed normally. Under the code of Chivalry paladins follow such weapons are considered cowardly.

The following spells have been removed from the Paladin list:

see also Temple of Iomedae Righteous Flame Acolyte


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