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The high spires of Castle Overwatch afford a commanding view of the bloodsoaked westward plains on the Belkzen frontier, as well as the mist-shrouded highlands of Ustalav to the north. Castle Overwatch is the Home of the Knights of Ozem a Cavalier Order of heavy cavalry second to none. These heavily armed and armored warriors keep justice and punish evil with an iron fist. They strive to achieve heroic accomplishments as Knights Errant as often as they stay as regulars in defense of the Castle. The knight-horsemasters of Vigil breed and train the mighty destriers and swift coursers that bear Lastwall’s finest into battle, and the pastures around Vigil are known for the quality of their bloodlines. Vigil also hosts the Crusader War College, the training academy of the Knights of Ozem, where crusader tacticians have worked to best marshal magical and military resources to defeat their numerically superior enemies.

The undisputed ruler of Vigil is the recently appointed Watcher-Lord Ulthun II Arilleus. He is attended by the most experienced knights, warriors and adventures Vigil has ever produced known simply as the War Council. Theoretically anyone over level 8 could join the Council however in practice it is by invitation only, and thus remains a great honor to have a seat on the council. As a matter of courtesy those who are already on the counsel at the time an new Watcher-Lord is appointed are offered the opportunity to stay, the choice to do so however remains with the individual counsel member.

All settlers in Vigil must register with the Knight’s of Ozem (who act as Vigil’s internal police force). Only those so registered may own property or establish permanet businesses within Vigil.

Locations of note around Vigil
The central citadel of Castle Overwatch is home to the Watcher-Lord, while the Crusader War College fills most of its outer bailey, developing strategy and tactics and mastering the arts of battle. Here horse and rider learn to fight as one, welded into a devastating fusion of sword and hoof, and crusaders learn to fight with weapon and shield as well as more exotic skills, from magic to siege warfare all integrated to maximize their effectiveness against their usually numerically superior enemies. Cavalry training at the war college is some of the finest in Avistan, ranking with the finest warrior academies.

Cathedral of Sancta Iomedaea: This massive cathedral carries the central dome’s weight to four great pillars and 39 mutually buttressing sub-domes, creating a vast airy chamber 60 paces high. A sword of golden light, a divine manifestation of the blade of Iomedae, appeared at the
occasion of the cathedral’s dedication and hangs beneath the dome, illuminating intricate geometric mosaics and heavenly frescoes, ornate stonework and statuary, and inscribed scriptures from the Acts of Iomedae. *Second Sword Knight Barconius has presided over worship for 10 years. The cathedral’s four towers hold paragons of the bellmaker’s craft, the deep-toned bells that toll by morning and evening to mark another day that the crusade endures.

The cathedral’s fonts have anointed more paladins than almost anywhere else on Golarion, and many anointed elsewhere make pilgrimage to its hallowed halls to visit or to serve.

Knights of Ozem
The Knights of Ozem are easily recognized through out the region as a force of law and justice. These are the warriors, knights and Calvary of Vigil.

Local Lords
Lord Mortekei (Evoker 13, hm, Lord-General Battlemage) is a frequent visitor to Vigil and once . Strategic genius and leader of the Battlemages of Lastwall, the Lord-General was once the Chancellor of the magic division of the War College of Vigil until the arrival of Lord Marius Arileus. The simple truth is the two men discovered instantly that they despised each other. Was it that they sensed some evil in the other, or perhaps seen the other as a threat to their position of power? What is known is that Lord Marius is the uncle and trusted advisor of the Watcher Lord Ulthun II and as such was untouchable by the Lord-General, which is a fact that has undoubtedly spared the man’s life. Instead Mortekei took the higher ground and relocated with the majority of the BattleMages to the western front at Castle Firrine.

Lady Kaeko – Mortekei’s wife, a 1/2 Elf with stunning good looks and a charming demeanor is a frequent visitor at Vigil and is considered the darling of the court. Because she is so well received by Council of Senior advisors (surprisingly to include Lord Marius as well) she is often called upon as a liaison to smooth hurt feelings and ruffled feathers between the various forts of the frontier.

The Lady Kaeko is friends with Esmeralda, the Lady Elandra and Major Veena of the BattleMages and uses these contacts to good effect when she spends time in Vigil. She is also known to be close to General Trevor Arileus and while rumors persist that they are more than friends, there has never been proof of such a thing. For her part Kaeko is trying to arrange for the Watcher Lord Ulthun II and Lady Elandra of the Temple of Iomedae to actually recognize their obvious attraction to each other and begin a formal courtship.

Lady Elandra – ref her entry under Churches & Clerics

The BattleMages of Vigil are led by Commander Veena Heliu who leads a cadre of about 30 mages permanently stationed in Vigil. It is for this reason (if none other) that her position as Chancellor of the magic division of the War College of Vigil was formally inherited from the Lord-General Mortekei. Her appointment as Commander of the BattleMages of Vigil came as something of a surprise, however the Lord-General assures her that it had as much to do with her skill as it did with her abilities in negotiation and leadership.

Church of Our Lady
Vigil’s most famous building lies at the foot of Watcher’s Tor: the magnificent Cathedral of Sancta Iomedae. Contrary to later Iomedaean tradition, this first and greatest of her temples is Vigil’s only building that is not whitewashed. An architectural marvel of golden marble, stained glass, onyx and porphyry inlays, and intricate carvings, its 40 mutually buttressing domes rise in glorious succession, supporting a central dome 50 paces across, pierced with crystal veins that bathe the interior in shafts of beatific light. The cathedral’s great bells thunder the dawn watch and peal at sunset, with smaller chimes marking other ceremonies. More than any sights or smells, the soul of Vigil is told in ringing metal, from forge hammer, tinkling earring bell, jingling harness and shop-door, and over all a soaring chorus of bells from steepled shrines and the great cathedral itself.

Angel’s Gate – The Temple of Sarenrae
Lady Elandra – 13 LVL High Priestess of the Local Temple of Saerenrae (Curative spells may add a 1st or 2nd level protective effect) – Noble Woman, Saint. Recently married to Content Not Found: prince-allyn-arileus.

Motok is Elandra’s personal bodyguard. Assigned to her safety by High Priest Dorryn Silverbeard of the Temple of Gorum. NOTE: Motok HATES this assignment as he finds Elandra’s bubbly / naeve personality the most annoying thing in the world, however due to the generally pious nature of the Dwarven people as a whole Motok will not allow any harm to befall Elandra as the Dwarves in general look upon her as a blessing from the gods due to the simple fact that she is a Saint…even if an annoying one!

Jeremiah Belon (NG hm Clrc9) temple seneschal (2nd in command, leads daily operations, prayers & worship services)
Byron (NG hm Clrc 7) – retired Paladin of Sarenrae
Nicolei (NG hm Clrc 5)
57 priests (Clrc7 x3, clrc5 x6, clrc3 x12, Clrc1 x36) and 170 followers in worship of the Morning Maiden (Solara)

Barconius – Cleric 7 / Paladin 3 Human – local High Priest of Iomedaea, garrison / temple and an official part of the Chain of Command for the Knights of Iomedaea and considered their Spiritual Leader. Friend of Retgar and Dorryn.
Barconius is a caring but stern figure, who is NOT afraid of donning armor and taking the fight to the enemy. Barconius and Tiberius (Grand General of the Knights of Ozem – LvL 18 Paladin) are warm friends and comrades in arms. While he and Dorryn get along well enough their personal philosophies and general approach to the war at the front are too different to really allow for a closer friendship.

Barconius’ body guard: Kelidor – 8 LVL Knight of Ozem

Temple of Gorum
High Priest: Dorryn
Dorryn, while a frequent visitor to Vigil and an Honored member of its War Counsel is all too aware that Vigil is a little too “straight laced” for his tastes and thus makes his home (and Main Temple for Gorum) closer to the front lines and based out of Castle Firrine.

*Daria *– Druid 11 – Wooden Armor / Scimitar – replaced the former head druid Jaroo, who was killed by doppelganger

Dorryn – Dwarf – 11 Cleric/ 4 barb – High Priest of Gorum in Vigil & military officer
Trasine – Dwarf – 11 Paladin of Torag
Thalinor – Dwarven priest of Torag (Clrc 9) who is quite gifted in making magic arms / armor
Rhothgar – Dwarf – Priest of Torag (Clrc 7/ Ftr 3)

Dwarven Battlerager Contingent
Motok – Dwarf (Barb 13) – Dorryn’s Brother – Leader of Local Battleragers
Torrick – Barb 11 – 2h w/ Power attk & cleave
Stilgaur – (Barb 7/ Ftr 5) – 2wpn
Nodagin – Dwarf cleric 4 / barb 1 – Priest of Clangeddin
Gurney – Dwarf cleric 4 / Barb 2 – Priest of Clangeddin
Brok & Kildor – 5th LvL Barb, 3X 3rd LvL, 16 X 1st LvL
Tordakk – Dwarf (Barb 2/Ftr4)

The Elves have only recently come to Vigil in answer the challenge of Dorryn & Mortekei come and see for themselves the danger that the orc invasion forces pose to the region as a whole. Virtually all elves currently in Vigil are assumed to have come with Prince Retgar in answer to that challenge.

Prince Retgar – Rogue / Sorc – LvL 15 – quiet / reserved individual attached to Vigil’s military. High Elf Prince. Recently his primary mission has shifted from killing the entire orc nation of Belkzen single handedly, to discovering the whereabouts of his missing wife, the Content Not Found: arina.

Content Not Found: arina – Valkarie – Flys upon giant eagles on missions of inserting Special Forces teams of Vigil deep into hostile territory, & intelligence gathering on troop movements via high altitude recon. Paladine armed with bow. Married to the Elven Prince Retgar. Currently Missing in Action and presumed dead after having been shot down over orc territory in Belkzen.

Master Crane – Monk 16 – Drow Elf. Blind with long mustache. Extremely Zen.

The Scouts of Vigil
Content Not Found: draxeus – personal advisor to Watcher-Lord Allyn Arilleus. Works closely with the other military heads to create a single working military force – Modeled on Richard Marcinkoe from S.E.A.L. Team 6.
Major Raemon – Halfling – Ftr 4 / Rogue 10 – Day to Day operational commander of the Scouts
Major Kaitlyn – Halfling – Raemon’s Wife, 12th LvL Ranger Sniper (x-bow)– very attractive with long red hair – concept modeled on Scarlet from GI Joe
Marcinkoe – Dwarf – Rngr 6 / Rog 4
Gunthure – Dwarf – Rngr 6 / Bar 3
Rico – Halfling – Scout 8 – Killed in Action while investigating Lord Marius
Rikkus – Halfling – Rogue 5 / Ftr 2 (Rico’s best friend, determined to avenge him)

Inns, Bars & Stores
The citizens tend to be temperate, but happily raise pints of dark stout or bitter ale at a popular tavern called The Lady’s Shield-Hand, or the Ulfen-built Drakkar, renowned for its honeyed mead, glazed roasts, potent spirits, and the occasional brawl.

The Drakkar – rowdiest bar in town, common with Dwarven Battleragers – run by Martha & Bertha – Dwarf Females Ftr 2/Expert 3 – contains large fighting pit

The Lady’s Shield-Hand (Inn/Tavern) – owned by the Bard Esmeralda, who frequently sings and dances at the Inn – Meals average 5sp, with truly lavish affairs at 1gp – Private rooms are available for 3gp, or the common room (sleeps 12) for 5sp, drinks range from 2cp for a common beer to 5gp for the finest liquor – thanks to Esmeralda’s truly impressive skills as an entertainer the Lady’s Shield Hand has become the most popular Inn / Tavern in the area. Due to its good food and private dinning room, the inn has also become a frequent haunt for several of the Military Officers who often use the private room for mission debriefing over dinner.

Esmeralda composes of songs about local heroes. Not only did she reinvent classic tales of crusaders, she also discovered new heroes and lionized them in song. Adventurers, scouts, soldiers — all are fair game. Her dinner patrons can’t get enough of her beauty, talent, and knack for finding thrilling stories and presenting them with spectacular showmanship. It is because of her publicizing their many exploits (often times when they wish she would not!) that many of Vigil’s finest are as well known as they are.

In truth, Esmeralda uses her skills, contacts, and the aid of her many contacts in Vigil to pass information along via her stories to Vigils covert operatives in order to alert them of dangerous goings on.

Torag’s Hammer – Dwarves – Thalinor (clrc 9 of Torag), Dhurthal, Exp5 (smith)

The Broken Blade – Run by the Halfling Merchant Moriarty – +20% on price due to the additional cost of getting new items on the remote war front & will purchase recovered magic items, weapons, armor, etc for -50% base value – general goods / resale of adventuring goods and magic items. Moriarty is definitely a shady character, but one which is tolerated because he keeps the less reputable types in the same place and thus easier to monitor. Moriarty also sells information to the watch about anything truly suspicious going on.
The Broken Blade gets its name from the broken elven thin blade which decorates its sign out front of the store. The blade it is said belonged to a friend of Moriarty back in his adventuring days who fell in battle. Following which Moriarty gave up his adventuring career but do to close ties to the conflict opted to stay in the area as a merchant and trader of information.

Marik, male human Wiz3/Exp3 (alchemist).
Loric the Sage – Loric, hm Exp5 (researcher of obscure topics / Sage)


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