Class: Barbarian

Concepts and Roles within the campaign

Barbarians of Lastwall are typically tribal warriors from the clans of people who make the Fangwood Forest their home, or those who live in the border regions on the edge of the orc held territory of Belkzen Hold. They are known for their traditional leather, fur or rough iron armors, face paints, and generally unkept appearance. Most common barbarians come from human, dwarf or orc races in Lastwall.

To use a Game of Thrones reference, the Barbarians are typically more of a “Wildling” concept.

Class Feature: Barbarian Damage Reduction – has been retyped as natural Armor Dr / – as this allows it work better with the combat system overhaul of the LCM. It also means that critical hits bypass their DR like it would when facing an armored opponent.

Appropriate Archetypes

Armored Hulk
Invulnerable Rager
Mutagenic Rager
Scarred Rager

See also Ranger: Wild Stalker

See also Viking as an alternative to Fighter / Barbarian multi-classing


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