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Bardic Weapon may be chosen at first level in place of both bardic knowledge and lore master.

Violent Performance may be chosen in replace of bardic performance and versatile performance.

While the Bard may attempt to use skills such as locate traps, disable traps and disable locks they may only do so up to DC20. Further a staple crop of the standard D20 Bard is their ability to use spell completion items such as scrolls and wands, however these are not viable options under the LCM Ruleset. Keep these limitations in mind when creating an LCM Bard.

Appropriate Archetypes

Healer Archetypes

Arcane Healer
Faith Singer

Arbiter are focused on Teamwork feats and sharing those feats with their party.

Arcane Duelist and the Sorrowsoul are both focused on melee combat. NOTE: At 11th level Spurn Harm grants the Sorrowsoul gains a + 4 bonus to all saves instead of Spell Resistance.

Archivist are well rounded “Jack of all trades” type of bards and thus make a easy fit as adventurers.

Arrowsong Minstrel is an archery focused character concept.

Buccaneer is a replacer for the Swashbuckler class (as is the Rogue: Swashbuckler).

Daredevil is largely focused on movement related abilities & spells.

Dervish Dancer

Dervish of Dawn

Detective is a replacer for the Investigator class.

Impervious Messengers are spies, couriers and counter intelligence specialists


Masked Performer are a replacer for the Vigilante class.


Ringleader makes for a good Ranger Team leader

Sandman makes use of many rogue-like skills (similar to the Magus: SpiderHawk), DC 20 limitations on Traps and Locks are still enforced.

Savage Skald – best when in a party with Barbarians or classes with Rage abilities

Silver Balladeer makes for an excellent buffer class

Street Performance

Studious Librarian (1st – bonus meta feat, 6th – Comparative Arcane Studies, 8th – Bonus Meta feat)

Thundercaller a Druidic / Witch style Archetype

Voice of the Wild a Ranger style Archetype

Marginally Appropriate (needs adjustments to fit campaign themes)
See also Magus: Spiderhawk for a much more combat focused Bard-like character without the performance / entertainment related nitch. NOTE: Spiderhawk sneak attack is acquired at 4th level, and advances every 4 levels there after and the DC 20 limitations for Traps and Locks are still in place.


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