Character Generation

  • Core Classes allowed: all Core Classes are allowed
  • Base Classes allowed: Alchemist, Inquisitor & Magus.
  • Feel free to modify your character with traits, & archetypes found under the individual classes on Keep in mind that not all concept builds are optimal nor appropriate to the campaign.
  • Psionics, Planar Travel, and Shadow Magic are universally banned. Teleportation magic is heavily restricted.

Traits: Pick 2 at character creation to help flesh out your background.

Starting Character points: 22
(refer to PathFinder Core book–pg 16, also found HERE under "Generating Ability Scores)

Characters gain an additional stat point every even level, with feats every odd level. NOTE: Character base Stats may never be pushed higher than 18 + racial bonus (20 in most cases).

Hit points: max HP at first level, following which roll twice (reroll any 1’s) and take the best result at each new level gain.

Bonus Spells from High Stats: Please note that bonus spells for high stats only effect the number of spells you may cast per day, but not the number of spells which you have actively memorized in your Matrix for the day. Example you may still only know 3 spells, but could cast from them a total of 5 times. All bonus spells are available at first level, thus if your 1st LvL Cleric has an 18 Wis they could cast Cure Light Wounds and extra 4 times for that day.

Character Races Allowed



  • I really have no great love for the Alchemist as a class as they don’t fit the feel of the campaign well, however I’m not restricting access to the class.


  • Barbarians do not “loose control” while enraged the way they did under Classic D20. The word is “Barbarian” not “Beserker”. Think Conan.

An excellent deity of choice for this class is the warrior god Gorum. Not only is it a good fit in general but plays in well with the campaign.

I also recommend the Armored Hulk Archetype as it makes the class MUCH more forgiving to have a D12 HP and still be able to wear heavy armor. Just sayin. .


  • Bards do “a little bit of everything” which can mean in theory that they have a very diverse skill set to allow them to be useful in all sorts of different capacities. In practice however their lack of specialization tends to cause as many issues as it resolves and can make the Bard a very difficult class/role to play. NOTE: Linguistics & Use Magic Device have both been removed from game play which has a dramatic effect on the usefulness of this character class.

Non-Required Campaign recommendations which help optimize a bard.

Caviler Base Class

  • See Fighter – Dragoon instead.
  • Specifically the reason the Cavalier is not allowed in the campaign is due to the type of combat the class requires in order to use its class features. IE opens plains upon which to charge a mount across. This style of combat will actually be very rare in the campaign.


  • Clerics do not automatically convert spells to Cure X Wounds spells
  • Domains are gained two at 1st LvL, one at 3rd LvL and an additional one every 3 levels there after
  • Domain Spells are always considered memorized for the day as part of the clerics normal spell matrix as “free” slots
  • All forms of healing magic are now considered part of the Conjuring (Healing) Domain, thus resolving the issue of Necromantic Healing spells.
  • Automatically gain Knowledge: Religion at first level which levels with the character (free, requires no skill point investment). If attempting to use this skill to gather knowledge about arcane magics, all such attempts are made at a -4 penalty, and typically only general information will be revealed.

NOTE on Raising the Dead: Resurrection, True Resurrection & any of the Reincarnate spell lines are not accessible in my campaign. These spells are completely barred. Raise Dead is now a 5th LvL spell of the Healing Domain. (Raise Dead follows the same rule as Hero Points: Not allowed in situations which were blatantly suicidal or for which you were repeatedly warned against. You soul has already departed, re-roll.) Raise dead is only accessible if the full body is intact. Death by fire, beheading, acid, massive damage, etc results in too much destruction to the body for the spell to be effective (spells like regeneration will only work on a LIVE body). Death results in all spells for the day being lost as if cast. Death for normal NPC’s is typically permanent as their souls depart quickly & worse the simple cost of Raise Dead vastly exceeds the financial abilities of most families.

All standard Archetypes are allowed. The Merciful Healer archetype is allowed for any good deity. Taking the Merciful Healer archetype allows the cleric to swap one of the other domains from the Deity’s portfolio for the Healing Domain.

Good Domain: Healing is increased by the level of the caster. Ex, Cure Light Wounds cast by an 9th LvL cleric would heal 1d8+9. Channel Positive Energy increases to 1d8.

Healing Domain: Allows for the cast of all curative spells. Cure X Wounds are each permanently added to the Daily Matrix of the caster.


  • Druids are considered to have a Summon Natures Ally I – VII as a permanent “Domain Spell” as per the Cleric.
  • Elementals of appropriate HD/CR may be selected as Animal Companions, subject to DM approval to maintain balance.
  • Druids who have taken the Healing Domain (may also take the Merciful Healer archetype) have access to Raise Dead as per a Cleric.
  • Automatically gain Knowledge: Religion at first level which levels with the character (free, requires no skill point investment). In addition to its normal aspects it functions as Knowledge: Arcana but only in regards to Divine Spells and effects. If attempting to use this skill to gather knowledge about arcane magics, all such attempts are made at a -4 penalty, and typically only general information will be revealed.
  • Druids have notoriously long life spans as they actually age slower than normal for their race by a factor of their wisdom. IE Wisdom bonus of +3 = x3 slower aging.


  • Armor Mastery stacks with Adamantine Armor

NOTE: The fighter archetypes listed below add some interesting options for the class, however they also take away class abilities which are both powerful and flexible in order to gain abilities which are powerful but generally static in nature. Be sure to consider the options presented carefully ahead of time.



Ultimate Magic – pg 9. Excellent class design, feel free to use the class as written.


  • Martial Artist (Archetype) as written, except does not grant WIS as an AC bonus, but does allow for the use of light armor. This concept is more of a dwarven brawler type.


  • Paladins detect both Evil and Undead as a general / vague sense of unease which intensifies with the intensity of the aura in question (based upon HD/CR of the creature being studied). This ability also adds a +5 bonus to Sense Motive, but only against an active threat.


  • NOTE: Rangers get Feather Fall as a LvL 1 Spell (Castable at Ranger LvL 4)
  • May use the Bushwhacking rules at short range. Far Shot extends this to medium range, and “Sniper” PRC / Feats will extend this out to long range.
  • May choice their favored terrain as a specific geographic region such as the kingdom in which they live. If you have spent 30 years in a specific area you have every right to declare bonuses for having intimate knowledge of that area, and this concept fits perfectly within the Ranger concept.
  • May choice a specific group (the Hellknights of Cheliax, the Warcasters of Thuul, etc) as a favored enemy.
  • Rangers add +3" MV to their speed every level.


  • A foe flanked in Melee by allies of the Rogue, is still considered flanked if attacked by a rogue regardless of positioning.
  • Rogues may flank & sneak attack at up to short range. Any attack within 30 ft is considered to fall within the “Short range” description.
  • Ranged sneak attack is always a standard action.
  • May use the Bushwhacking rules as per ranger.
  • I’m considering the use of abilities from the Ninja class as Rogue Talents, but haven’t worked with them closely enough to really understand them. If you interested please let me know.


  • The Sorcerer class is largely obsolete due to campaign changes to the magic system. Better options for this class are now found in the Wizard and Magus classes. Arcane magic in my campaign is always considered to be an innate trait which you either possess or you don’t, it is not simply a science which just anyone can master.


  • All Wizards must specialize.
  • They get TWO schools of of specialization due to the restrictions on non-specialized magic, but only 1 bonus spell per level as normal.
  • Wizards cast dynamically from their daily spell matrix (like a Sorcerer).
  • 7th level spells are the campaign hard cap. (Most NPC’s never even see spells greater than 3rd level)
  • Familiars
  • Feat: Spell Mastery permanently adds spells to the Wizard’s spell matrix.
  • Automatically gain Knowledge: Arcana at first level which levels with the character (free, requires no skill point investment). When attempting to use this skill to gather knowledge about divine magics, all such attempts are made at a -4 penalty.

Prestige Classes

  • Require heavy Role Playing to qualify for. This is not simply a matter of Feats and Skills to attain and thus always require express DM permission. As such they do not exist in my campaign outside of this context.

Arcane Archer – The class restriction that requires at least one level of arcane spells has been modified. It is now “requires one level of spell casting”, so either Arcane or Divine casters (most commonly a Core Ranger) may qualify.

Dread Commando
Lastwall’s Roughnecks
Arcane Archer – Sniper Variant

Character Generation

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