Class: Magus – Base Class
Concepts and Roles within the campaign

Part of the Battlemages Guild within Lastwall, and considered part of the Wizard specialization for Evocation. They serve the BattleMages in a similar capacity to that of the Knights of Iomedae (IE guardians, journeymen and protectors). As a partial caster class they are much more common than core Wizard Evokers and as such are more commonly the face the people of Lastwall think of when they think of the BattleMages.

The Magus in LCM Campaigns are spontaneous casters which utilize the same spells per day table as the Bard class. Just like the Bard, they are limited by the number of spells they can master, but are not restricted to 3rd level spells vs a specialty school.

Appropriate Archetypes
Armored Battlemage
Singer of Blades (elf only)
Staff Magus
Magus: Tovenaar as an alternative that is not as spell based but with more innate abilities.

Marginally Appropriate (needs adjustments to fit campaign themes)
Magus: Kensai gain the ability to wear light armor to better align with their Canny Defense class ability.

See also Magus: Spiderhawk for a Bard-like character without the performance / entertainment related nitch. NOTE: Spiderhawk sneak attack is acquired at 4th level, and advances every 4 levels there after.

Spiderhawks are limited to normal DC 20 maximums for finding and disarming traps (detailed under the rogue class description) and may not take the Spiderhawk Arcana abilities Trap Sense or Trapfinder.


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