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Welcome to Lazlo’s Complete Makeover Ruleset (hereafter referred to as The LCM Ruleset). This document represents a variant system to the standard D20 RAW for the purpose of adjusting the campaign to a Low to Mid-Magic setting while still keeping an eye on compatibility.

Some of the specific changes that can be expected from the campaign include:

  • injury, healing, armor and damage has been overhauled and includes many of the D20 variant rules
  • the magic system, individual spells, and magic items have all been reworked
  • much lower levels (campaign hard cap at 13th LvL)
  • much less resistance to magic (SR for example is gone, fewer creatures are immune to damage, Evasion has been redesigned, etc)
  • please review the links at the bottom of the page, pay special attention to the sections on Magic, Combat and Character Creation.

The campaign will focus on the low to mid range character levels look here for campaign examples. Leveling and experience are tracked as a group with emphasis on the storyline, achieving major objectives and character development.. The campaign “soft cap” is around level 9 – 10, and the hard cap is level 13.

Wealth by Level (WBL) – has been completely replaced with a system very similar to that of D20 1st / 2nd ed where your wealth and magic items are completely separate from each other. It also means that magic items are never bought nor sold, but rather were the subject of great quests and the rewards offered by kings for performing damn nearly impossible heroic deeds. Why the change?

Character Alignment In my campaign Alignment is more of an abstract personality type and general “temperature” of a character’s outlook on life. As such most spells and abilities that detect or target a specific alignment are rewritten or removed. The campaign alignment is one which should be considered “generically good” and focused on working together as a team regardless of the personal ethos involved.

Please review the following Links, each of which will effect your character choices and options. – contains all the core rules and optional 3rd party products variants released under the D20 OGL. The house rules found in this document are the final rule should there be a conflict, otherwise we will default to the D20 RAW / OGL.

The campaign setting
Character Generation
Skills and Feats
Spells and Magic
Magic Items
Hero Points
Character Death
For higher level characters (usually above 6th level within the campaign) the option for Cohorts, Hirelings, and Henchmen become one to consider as a possible option.

Golarion – Factions and Groups
The Campaign History and Adventures so far
Creatures Unique to the Campaign

200 Pieces of advice for “Winning” the game

Optional rules I’m playing with, none of which has been implemented so don’t freak out!

Useful links can be found here.

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