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The first thing to be understood is the Pathfinder / D20 system is a very diverse system which offers a tremendous amount of customization options. The down side of this is it can result in a system which is very “heavy” and unwieldy. The good part however is everything you need to create characters and run the game are included completely free on the official websites & thus there is no need to spend a fortune on the material. – my personal preference between the two as it contains all the additional options in one place. – the official website

What follows in my house rulz is an attempt to stream line, clarify and in several cases simply change some of the rules I felt could have simply been done better. The emphasis in most cases is focused on a greater sense of realism and better RolePlay (RP) opportunities. About 25 – 30 % of the material found here is original, the rest is a collection of the different options which will be used in the campaign. Should we discover a need to do so the options being used will be changed or updated as that need arises.

Lazlo’s House Rulz for Pathfinder D20

The over all alignment of our campaign is one which should be considered “generically good” and focused on working together as a team. As such characters with Evil concepts, or ones with a “loner” concept will not fit in well.

Character Alignment has been heavily debated within the RPG community for decades. In my campaign Alignment is more of an abstract personality type and general “temperature” of a characters outlook on life more so than a hard and fast moral absolute. Use the alignment of your character as a a way of understanding the character’s concept and feel, but not as a straight jacket. NOTE: If you take a class with alignment restrictions you are expected to play it as such.

Please note that the campaign is heavily influenced by the book, “Heroes of Battle” from 3.5. PDF versions of which can be found for free online, and as far as I know is currently out of print. I highly recommend taking a look to this book at least once, and acquiring your own copy of it if possible.

Other significant influences on the campaign include the Shannara series by Terry Brooks, the Lord of the Rings by Tolkein, and the Ancient History of Greece, Sparta and Rome.

The basic theme of your adventures will center on Castle Firrine in the Kingdom of Lastwall on Lake Encarthan within the Pathfinder official campaign setting. Lastwall is currently locked in an all out war with the Orc tribes of Belkzen, and frequent undead attacks due to the closeness of the Temple of Elemental Evil. Your characters will thus take on the role of a fantasy special forces team who’s job it is to protect the holdings and interest of your homeland.

NOTE: Castle Firrine IS NO LONGER A CANNON LOCATION. It’s relationships to its neighbors at Vigil and Castle Everstand are for the most part “cannon”. Castle Firrine is now the seat for my ongoing story line and as such is a custom location.

Another major hub of PC activity is Jasper Village which lies about twenty miles south east of Castle Firrine (south of Vigil, due East of Castle Firrine) where it enjoys the protection and trade with all three forts.

Character death is actually very rare in my campaign unless you have simply growing tired of your character or insist on doing something which is blatantly suicidal. (NOTE: I consider the option to split your party to fall under the heading of “suicidal”.) As a result of this, be prepared to have your character for a while and play something which you will enjoy.

Magic has seen some heavy re-work in a way that definitely encourages and rewards specialization. Only a specialist may access spells of 4th LvL or greater. Magic items tend to be more rare, as are spell casters in general. Spell preparation, memorization, casting as well as meta-magic have all been heavily re-worked as well and now function off of a dynamic spell matrix similar to that of a Sorcerer. Review the Spells and Magic link below for specifics.

Leveling and experience are tracked as a group. The campaign will focus on the low to mid range character levels look here for campaign examples with emphasis on the story line, achieving major objectives and character development. If you are looking for high to epic level game play or a classic “kill monster / take it’s crap / NEXT!” type of campaign then this is not the right campaign for you!

Please review the following Links, each of which will effect your character choices and options.

Races of the Known World
Character Generation
Skills and Feats
Spells and Magic
Hero Points

The Campaign History and Adventures so far
Creatures Unique to the Campaign

200 Pieces of advice for “Winning” the game

Optional rules I’m playing with, none of which has been implemented so don’t freak out!

Useful links can be found here.

Requirements for Play

  • Please familiarize yourself with the major points on this website. Sections of magic, combat, and skills & feats are important to everyone regardless of class.
  • No Cell phones, texting, etc at the gaming table.
  • Please be on time, or call if your going to be late.
  • Smoke outside.
  • No drugs / Alcohol.
  • Real life happens and crap goes wrong, if you need to sit out a session or two you don’t have to go into details but please simply communicate that you need some time away.

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