Class: Paladin
Concepts and Roles within the campaign

Guardians of the Temple (most commonly that of Iomedae) and knights of the holds of Lastwall. Paladins are some of the most highly capable and decorated cavalry Knights Lastwall produces.

Deviations from the cannon D20 class
“Evil” has been retyped as Demons, Devils (and similar evil outsiders), undead and dragons.

  • Paladin’s Detect Evil has converted to Detect “Evil” (as noted above) as a general / vague sense of unease which intensifies with the strength of the aura in question (based upon HD/CR of the creature being studied) and how close they are.
  • Paladin’s gain Skill Focus + 3: Sense Motive at 1st level.
  • The paladin adds evil outsider, demons / devil & dragon bane to the list of weapon special abilities that can be added to her weapon.
  • Paladins may not use ranged weapons such as a Bow, Crossbow or sling. Paladins may not use explosives or fire as anti-personnel weapons, although they may be deployed to blow open a door, or against a siege tower, etc. Paladins may never use poisons, subterfuge, bushwhacks or sneak attacks against their enemies. Under the code of Chivalry paladins follow such weapons & tactics are considered cowardly. Thrown weapons, such as a javelin, are allowed although still not considered particularly honorable and thus generally avoided by most paladins.
  • Paladin are specially trained in combating “Evil” and are always considered to be wielding a specialty weapon with the ability to hit such creatures.

Suggested Archetypes for LCM campaigns:
Temple Champion – Non-Caster but gain War Priest Blessings
Tempered Champion – Non-Caster but gain Weapon Specialization feats as per a fighter
Shining Knight – mounted Calvary (Knight of Ozem)
Oath against Undead
Holy Tactician – battle commander who grants tactical bonuses and team work feats to allies

A note on a Paladin’s Code of Chivalry:
Historically on Earth there were many orders of knights which followed a code of chivalry similar to that of the paladin. In spite of their adherence to what could easily be called Lawful Good values and beliefs, they understood that their code of honor was not followed by most of the world. Some knights would certainly use this difference in values to create undue tension and make unrealistic demands of others, although such an approach quickly lost them friends and much needed allies. Most Knightly orders however taught their adherents to follow the ideal that the only way to change the world was to become the change they wanted to see in the world. In this way they would often lead by example.

In spite of the presence of Knights / Paladins in larger battles, standard battle field tactics (such as the use of ranged weapons, fire, etc) were still used without creating undue friction with the knights. The knights themselves however preferred to fight their enemies face to face as they felt this was the way honor was both earned and shown to worthy foes. Given the opportunity to do so, such knights would ignore lesser opponents on the battle field (such as a lowly conscripted foot soldier, or mangy goblin) and seek out more worthy foes such as other knights, or powerful beasts.

Knights were more than simply a mounted cavalry in nice armor. They were the best trained, and best equipped military officers who were sanctioned by both the king and the church (both of whom felt the knight’s ultimate loyalty should belong to them). Because of which their actions, manner of dress, treatment of enemies, etc etc were expected to reflect the highest of ideals of their kingdom. Uniforms & armors were cleaned and polished given an opportunity to do so. Women were to be treated as ladies, enemies were to be treated with respect & courtesy, etc.

Paladins were based upon the highest ideals of the historical Knights Templar. An excellent movie about the Knights Templar was “Kingdom of Heaven” starring Orlando Bloom. To understand paladins better it is suggested to read up on the Knights Templar or watch a couple documentaries of them (available on netflix, youtube, etc).


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