Class: Ranger
Concepts and Roles within the campaign
See also The Rangers of Lastwall. They are a campaign specific guild which pulls from Rangers, Rogues, and virtually any class which offers skill training in stealth, and survival. They specialize in reconnaissance missions into Belkzen Hold predominantly.

Spell casting Rangers in Lastwall are a bit of an odd duck in that most of the rangers in Lastwall are in fact non-spell casters. The few that are spell casters tend to be seen much like druids and witches. They are rather barbaric and dangerous folks who are a bit too familiar with ancient dark forces of the wood.

Deviations from the cannon D20 class

Rangers may not choose Urban Terrain as a favored terrain type

Allowed Favored Enemies:

  • orc / goblin (the most obvious choice for the campaign)
  • human or dwarf – pick a specific group (Knights of Iomedae, traitors of Lastwall, etc)
  • Monsterous Humanoid, Animals, Magical Beasts, and undead

Some enemies such as Dragons, Demon / Devils, etc are simply too rare in the campaign to make viable favored enemies.

Appropriate Archetypes
Skrimisher – non-spell caster

Battle Scout
Beast master
Ranger: Commando
Demonslayer – can be re-tooled for undead slayer, orc slayer, etc
Falconer – may be taken with other animal companions (wolf, dog, mountain lion, etc)
Horse Lord
Spell-Less Ranger
Wild Hunter
Wild Shadow
Woodland Skirmisher

Marginally Appropriate (needs adjustments to fit campaign themes)

Trapper – these traps represent booby traps constructed in the rangers favored terrain, unlike the rogues use of more mechanical traps or an alchemists use of explosive chemicals

Additional Class / Archetype considerations for the role this class plays within the campaign setting.

See also Magus: Eldritch Archer
See also Inquisitor: Green Faith Marshal


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