Rogue - Unchained

Class: Rogue – Unchained
Concepts and Roles within the campaign
In LCM campaigns Rogues focus on their sneak attacks, mechanical locks & devices, some poisons, and skill which are Dex and Str based.

Deviations from the cannon D20 class

  • Rogues are the only class allowed full access to the 1/2 level sneak attack progression, and the only class which can Disable Device, or locate traps, with a DC greater than 20.
  • When flanking a foe, a rogue denies the foe of their Dex bonus to AC.
  • Weapon Proficiency for Sneak Attack: Rogues may only sneak attack with melee weapons with are medium sized or smaller, or with a ranged weapon which they are proficient with. If the rogue chooses to gain class levels in a martial class, such as a fighter, they could not sneak attack with a 2h great axe or polearm!
  • Weapon Finesse at first level with any “light” or “finesse” weapon.
  • Exploit Weakness: At 4th level the Rogue can take advantage of a foes weakened condition, thus gaining the ability to sneak attack those suffering from a negative condition as if the foe had lost their dex bonus. Sneak Attacks triggered from this ability are at a – 2d6 vs normal sneak attacks. This includes conditions like Shaken, Fatigued, Nauseated, etc, but does not include the condition of bleeding.

NOTE: Should the Wound Thresholds Optional Rules be used, the DM may opt to allow a condition of “Critical” to trigger the “negative condition” requirement. A generous DM may rule this effect be limited to effecting NPC’s only, however more “gritty” campaigns should expect no such deference be shown to the PC’s .

  • Sneak Attack vs Fumble – Any time a fumble occurs it provokes an attack of opportunity, rogues can exploit this weakness and make a melee sneak attack, but at a -2d6 sneak attack dice penalty. In the event this places the sneak attack dice at 0d6, treat as a normal attack of opportunity instead.
  • Ranged Sneak Attacks beyond 30 feet suffer the normal double the normal range penalty (- 4 per range increment). Feats, archetypes, etc that modify the normal 30 ft range limit likewise modify this ruling.
  • Ranged Sneak Attack is triggered when the foe is denied their Dex bonus (such as when the rogue has not been detected, IE: the target is “surprised”) or when the target is being threatened by the rogue’s ally.
  • Only one ranged precision / sneak attack allowed per round, but multiple effects stack (a bushwhack attempt which also qualifies for sneak attack + vital shot for example).
  • Feats that are gained normally every other level may be spent on Rogue Talents
  • Bleeding Attack: Bleed damage stacks with itself from multiple attacks / sources.


Archetype Survivalist no longer grant Endure Elements but instead grant a Favored Terrain bonus (Ranger class feature) to Survival Checks which scale by level as a Ranger at – 3 levels. This effect stacks with levels in Ranger.

See also WarPriest: Mantis Zealot

NOTE: the kukri is treated as a dagger, while the machete, gladius and sica are all short swords.

Rogue - Unchained

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