Skills and Feats

  • Skills may use alternate stats such as Climb using Dex, or Intimidate using Str.
  • Class skills gain a + 3 bonus at first level, non-class skills take twice as long to level (2 skill points = 1 rank).
  • Bluff or Acrobatics may be used to trigger Feint.

Skills and Feats Any special skill, feat, or class ability which is usable once per day is considered to automatically reset at the beginning of the gaming session (thus insuring it is usable at least once per gaming session).

Skill: Alchemy 

Alchemical Goods and Services
Alchemical Weapons:  Ultimate Equipment
Alchemy from the Realms
Pathfinder Player Companion: Alchemy Manual (PFRPG) 

These are excellent reference points for alchemy. At this point only RAW creations for alchemy will be allowed, no ad-hoc creations at the table.


Acrobatics vs Falling DC 15 to ignore 10 ft falling distance, for every 5 points by which the DC is met and additional 10 feet can be ignored, however you are knocked prone. Exceed by 10 for each increment and roll out of the fall to instantly regain a standing position.

Per RAW D20 PF: If you have 3 or more ranks in Acrobatics, you gain a +3 dodge bonus to AC when fighting defensively instead of the usual +2, and a +6 dodge bonus to AC when taking the total defense action instead of the usual +4, Total Defense Expert would become + 8 AC. Under the LCM acrobatics are only allowed with a light shield, and may not be combined with Combat Expertise as both are active defenses.

Literacy: All classes and Archetypes which do not carry an academic / educated theme are considered to be illiterate (which is to say most of the people in the world).

Languages in Lazlo’s LCM campaign has been restricted to Common, Orc, Elven, Dwarf or Druidic. Racial languages are only taught to full bloodied members of the race, and Druidic is only taught to Druids (1st level) and Rangers (4th level).

Weapon Finesse - adds Dex to Damage for melee weapons which are small, light or specifically labeled "finesse." For a rogue this also extends to all of thier class specific weapons, minus ranged weapons.

Eschew Materials obsolete under the LCM Matrix system of spellcasting.

Combat Expertise  stacks with the Total Defense combat maneuver (or the Total Defense Expert feat), but does not stack with Acrobatics used to buff the same maneuver as both are active defenses.

Toughness, Endurance and Diehard: In addition to their normal effects each add an additional + 2 to Massive Damage Threshold and Fort Saves to avoid massive damage*

Spell Focus when applied to Domain Schools, or Specialized schools add a + 2 bonus. Greater spell focus pushes this to a + 4 for Domain / Spec school. For non-specialty / domain spells the normal + 1 / + 2 is applied per RAW.

Spell Penetration - BANNED due to changes in the magic system (and fewer amounts of creatures with SR)

Combat Casting adds a flat +4 bonus to Concentration to avoid disruption of your spells

Spell Mastery permanently adds the chosen Arcane Spells to your list of memorized spells for the day much like the Clerical Domain spells or sorcerer bloodline spells.

Vital Strike (and it's variants Improved and Greater) has been clarified as a standard action.

Keen & Improved Critical Strike add a flat + 2 the the threat range of the weapon. These effects may be stacked.

Evasion  has been completely rewritten to address balance issues. It now adds a + 4 bonus to defenders Reflex Save Value, Improved Evasion requires the attacker to roll twice on his caster check (with the + 4 defensive bonus in place from Evasion), and take the result most favorable to the defender. These changes are in place of it’s more traditional “take 1/2 damage” effects.

As per the Rogue class description, “Evasion can be used only when wearing light armor or no armor. A helpless defender does not gain the benefit of evasion.”

Use Magic Item BANNED - Magic items in an LCM campaign are never random, either you are intended to be able to use the device or you are not.

Magic Item Creation FeatsBANNED.

Dodge adds a flat + 2 dodge bonus to AC.

Healing Skill has seen some heavy re-write, refer to Death, Damage and Healing 

Leadership Leadership may be taken at level 6 or higher. This is typically reflects a guild leadership role, military appointment, role in temple leadership, etc. The cohort feature is not available, instead replace with a + 4 bonus to leadership score. Followers can gain experience and benefit from training, better equipment, etc.

Skills and Feats

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