Under the LCM Ruleset WarPriests gain access to two Domains at first level & an additional domain at 8th level. WarPriests do not gain Domain powers, just the spells.

WarPriests do not cast Orisons. Spell casting is limited to 3rd level or lower for all but domain spells, which may be cast up to 5th level spells at 13th level.

The prepared spell matrix may be changed anytime the WarPriest are at a shrine or temple dedicated to their deity. This process requires they have the opportunity for rest and concentration and takes about 3 days.

to Sacred Weapon Damage: [/b]Warpriest to gain a “sacred enemy” bonus, while dropping the SWD entirely, as an alteration to the base class itself. This is typed as holy damage, and only applies to enemies of their temple (evil dragons, evil undead, and evil outsiders + campaign specific black guards / hell knights, priests of opposing churches, etc). The initial Sacred Enemy is chosen at 1st level with new enemies gained at 6th, 12th & 18th level.

The sacred enemy bonus does + 1 holy damage per every 5 levels of the WarPriest class (to keep pace with Sacred Weapon Damage of the base class).

And lastly this ability does not alter the WarPriest spell list, so spells which augment Favored Enemy (from the Ranger class spell list for example) will still remain largely out of reach.

Alternative: The WarPriest can spend a use of Fervor and get the SWD as bonus damage towards attacking a Sacred Enemy for one round per level. This effect continues if fighting multiple sacred enemies, ie; does not end if the WP is fighting 10 undead and the first one dies but you still have time left on the effect and sacred enemies left on the field.

Appropriate Archetypes include the Sacred Fist, Mantis Zealot, the Divine Commander and the Faithful Paragon.


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